About us

We develop standard software and cloud services for digital document and information processes, as well as advising our customers on the implementation and use of such information technology. Since 1992, we, the founders and specialists at Kendox AG, have been experts on the business processes and technologies associated with managing unstructured information such as documents, emails, images and websites.

Our powerful software solutions, usable worldwide, have been under constant development since 2004 to meet the needs of the internet age. Since 2011, we have also offered cloud services which our customers can use to secure a competitive advantage.

To the partner companies who work with us in the Kendox Partner Network, we are a technically-sound, adaptable, fast-reacting partner offering efficient, focused, personal communication.

Our project management, consulting and implementation competence offers measurable added value to our customers. Customers and partners can always rely on our readiness to provide support. We always work in the interests of our customers and partners - and that's how we ask you to measure us.

Five good reasons

  • Powerful, flexible, and above all long-term software "made in Switzerland"
  Runs reliably and on its own!

  • All functions laid bare thanks to a fully-documented web interface for the standard version
  Usable from the start - no worries about additional costs!

  • Communication with us is easy. Reach your goals quickly!
  Save time and stress!

  • Outstanding cost-benefit relationship, low operating costs
  Secure a financial advantage!

  • Flexible solutions to real-world problems
  When we say "customer benefits", we mean nothing but the benefits to you!


Facts and figures

Founded   2004
Employees   approx. 55
Customers   approx. 800
Registered capital resources   1.9m Swiss francs
Head office   Oberriet (CH)
Branch offices   Vienna (A), Westheim (D), Oberhausen (D), Kaltenkirchen (D)