About us

We are the experts in digital document management and process automation for offices and administrative bureaus. With years of experience providing solutions using our own in-house technology, we work in particular with customers in industry and manufacturing, trade and e-commerce, services, and logistics as well as with public institutions, schools and universities.

Our applications are supplied and operated in the cloud from our own virtual data centres in Germany and Switzerland. Our software solutions are based on forward-looking technologies and meet today’s security and data protection requirements.

Our document and process automation solutions are integrate with Microsoft 365, leading ERP solutions and many other specialist applications. Thanks to our collaboration with other solution providers and integration partners, our software platform works in any number of diverse use cases.

Kendox AG is based in Oberriet, Switzerland. Branch offices, as well as sales and consultancy offices, are located in Oberhausen, Germany; Vienna, Austria; and other locations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Together with our partner network, we provide ongoing support to over one thousand customers. 

Five good reasons to choose Kendox

  • A respectful approach to customers and partners

In the industrialised world, but also more generally, we live within an increasingly anonymous set of digital structures that operate at an overwhelming scale. This makes it all the more important to meet our business partners eye-to-eye, so to speak. This is as true for sales as it is for software implementation projects, whether operating IT solutions in our data centre or on-premises with the customer. Clear rules for behaviour and compliance ensure additional security.

  • Cloud competence brings concrete benefits
  We engaged early on with cloud technology in a radical way, which is why from 2013 to 2019 we rebuilt our suite of standard software from the ground up from. As a result, we are able to offer efficient packaged cloud solutions based 100% on Internet technology, as well as customer-specific dedicated and/or hybrid cloud solutions – operating either in our virtual data centre or on the digital platforms of large global providers. Naturally, in the age of the cloud, we continue to work with our tried and trusted partners.

  • Quality software made in Europe
  Our standard solutions are primarily developed in Switzerland, as well as Germany and Austria. This reflects our high quality standards and our adherence to European standards regarding data protection, transparency, internationalisation and multi-lingual functionality. The requests that our customers and partners bring to the table form the most important inputs as we develop our solutions further.

  • Flexible solutions made possible
  A software solution needs to bring added value for the company that uses it. This means solutions must be complete, practical and tailored to the customer’s specific situation. When organising products and consulting services, our focus is therefore always on the customer and on providing specific, directed assistance. Our years of experience help us to work with our customers and partners to find the best, most flexible solution in each case.

  • Open spirit, open systems​
  ​​When our company was founded in 2004, it started with the sheer joy of innovation. In line with our spirit of professionalism, we treat new requests as a challenge, not a chore. This is also reflected in our software solutions, which we develop proactively. Unlike some other solutions, ours are designed to be open and fully cloud-ready as a matter of course. Our 100% open APIs (application program interfaces), designed for the mobile Internet, are an example of this philosophy.​


Facts and figures

Founded   2004
Employees   more than 80
Customers   more than 1.000
Registered capital resources   1.9m Swiss francs
Head office   Oberriet (CH)
Branch offices   Vienna (A), Oberhausen (D), Kaltenkirchen (D)