Digital sponsor binders in the cloud

Casestudy ChildFund Deutschland e.V. (08/2021)

This non-profit project by digitisation specialists Kendox and BÜROTEX is helping to accelerate reaction times when processing donations and sponsorships for children in developing countries. Thanks to cloud-based digital document management, ChildFund e.V.’s binders and aid projects can now be processed much faster and more securely.


The children’s aid agency ChildFund Deutschland e.V., based in the town of Nürtingen in Germany, supports humanitarian aid projects around the world. In order to simplify how aid is processed, ChildFund wanted to digitise and optimise its document management processes at its German head office. Working with the digitisation specialist BÜROTEX and the document management provider Kendox, the aid organisation has digitised over 10,000 sponsor binders and made them available via a centralised cloud archive. Authorised ChildFund staff can now use a mobile web client to access these binders anywhere, on any device. This speeds up processing times for urgently needed aid and lays the foundation for improving security when accessing documents, as well as for legally compliant archiving of key documents relating to donations and sponsorships.


Streamlined processing for a good cause

ChildFund has a long list of ongoing aid projects, including building schools in developing countries, supporting plant and livestock cultivation, and more recently an emergency coronavirus aid programme. As a strong partnership between supporters, staff and partners, ChildFund Deutschland has been helping disadvantaged children and those in urgent need all over the world for 40 years, working to improve their life chances.

This children’s aid agency currently maintains sponsorships in 36 countries, and has 75 development projects based on case-specific needs. ChildFund e.V.’s work covers nutrition, education, health, livelihood security, supporting women and girls, and child protection. The organisation also provides aid to regions affected by crises and catastrophes. Sponsorships allow ChildFund to provide holistic aid, creating long-term living conditions that let children realise their full potential.

In order to make sure this aid gets where it needs to be quickly and securely, the staff at ChildFund Deutschland’s head office particularly need their work to go quickly and smoothly.


“Until now, we archived all our papers and documents relating to children and their sponsors in traditional portfolios.”
Alexander Busl, Board Member, ChildFund Deutschland e.V.


Overcoming barriers through digitisation

Alexander Busl, board member at ChildFund Deutschland e.V., describes the reasons why the company needed digitisation: “All incoming sponsorship applications, as well as resource allocations for aid projects around the world, are processed in our central office in Nürtingen. Until now, we archived all our papers and documents relating to children and their sponsors in traditional portfolios. As well as requiring ever more space, this also meant that if we needed to make a change or set up a new sponsorship, it took a great deal of effort to find the right documents in our archive and update them. Sometimes key documents even had to be mailed from one country to another in order to process or archive them. Instead, we decided to digitise all our binders, and so we approached BÜROTEX with our request.”


Digital file system for sponsorship binders

Together with BÜROTEX and Kendox, the project owners developed a concept for digital provision and legally compliant archiving of sponsor binders within a digital file system. This gives authorised persons access wherever they are in the world, and significantly reduces the time required to find a given binder.


“Sometimes key documents had to be mailed from one country to another in order to process or archive them.”


Dedicated support from the professionals

“We love getting involved with social projects and similar fields of work,” says Thomas Griesinger, managing director at BÜROTEX. “We gave the project the go-ahead right away. We wanted to provide ChildFund with a smart solution where they could start small and grow it flexibly over time, which is what led us to also bring in our technology partner Kendox. The benefit of Kendox’s solution lies in its flexibility and scalability. ChildFund can start nice and small with this project, and then expand to other countries as needed – and we’re not just talking expansion in terms of the number of users. It can expand to cover other fields just as easily. Today, we’re starting with a solution for sponsor binders, but if needed later on it can handle workflows for incoming invoices, outgoing files, Office documents or contracts.” Kendox likewise agreed to help with the cause right away. “Given the years of partnership that link us with BÜROTEX, our managers were all for a joint project to support such important work,” says Klaus Reiling, head of sales in Germany at Kendox.


“We’re so pleased to be able to make a contribution to humanitarian causes by providing our DMS solution, Kendox InfoShare.”
Klaus Reiling, Head of Sales Germany at Kendox


Cloud archive keeps sponsor binders available

Kendox and BÜROTEX digitised the sponsor binders and made them available via a digital, location-agnostic and searchable cloud archive, all as a pro-bono service. All binders are hosted at BÜROTEX’s cloud data centre in Germany. As a result, ChildFund need not worry about operating the platform itself. The DMS system Kendox InfoShare serves as the central archiving and document management platform. All documents within the sponsor binders are highly available and can be easily found in the archive by name or sponsor number, thanks to full text searching.


Legally compliant protection for sensitive data

Among other things, the sponsor binders contain a great deal of personal data, relating to both the sponsored child – like their date of birth, vaccination records and reports – and their sponsor or donor. The document management system Kendox InfoShare ensures security here. “Only authorised persons with a user account and the proper level of permissions can access sensitive data,” explains Thomas Griesinger, managing director at BÜROTEX. “That’s very important, in light of data protection, GDPR and legal archiving requirements. In addition, all the data is available from any location, on any device. That means ChildFund’s staff can access anything they need from the archive even from their home office.”


“We can process this urgently needed aid more quickly than ever and get it to where it’s needed.”


Help that gets there quickly

The new solution went live at the end of 2020. ChildFund board member Alexander Busl is very pleased: “Given the extreme need in many countries around the world that is currently being intensified by the COVID-19 pandemic, lots of people are choosing to sponsor children in need right now. Thanks to the support of Kendox and BÜROTEX, we can process this urgently needed aid more quickly than ever and get it to where it’s needed.”