Electronic personnel dossiers for the catering industry

Case Study Familie Wiesner Gastronomie AG (12/2016)

Efficient administration processes are vital for the labour-intensive catering industry. For this reason, the innovative family enterprise Familie Wiesner Gastronomie AG has digitalised its formerly paper based personnel dossiers in cooperation with Arcplace and “Kendox InfoShare”. Thanks to the electronic personnel dossiers and optimised processes, the company now saves a lot of time for HR administration and has significantly improved its data security.


Success with Ethnic Themed Catering

Since the early 1990s, the family enterprise Familie Wiesner Gastronomie AG, headquartered in Volketswil, Zurich, has shaken up the market with its innovative catering concepts. The company, which is managed by the founder Fredy Wiesner, his wife Anita and their sons Manuel and Daniel, has more than 500 employees and offers Asian, Australian and South American event catering. Under the brands Nooch Asian Kitchen, Negishi Sushi Bar, Outback Lodge, The Butcher, Papa Ceviche and Frida’s Coffee & Cake, FWG successfully runs 25 restaurants in Zurich, Berne, Basel, Zug and Winterthur. The company uses Abacus ERP software and has a central HR department in the support office in Volketswil.


Paper based HR administration was time consuming

Previously, the more than 500 personnel dossiers of Familie Wiesner Gastronomie AG used to be kept on paper and centrally stored in locked filing cabinets at the head office in Volketswil. Thus, it was only possible to view and process dossiers one by one. The managers of the individual restaurants did not have direct access to the dossiers and had to request information by telephone or email. The paper based filing system occupied valuable office space, and the administration was time consuming and labour intensive. Within the scope of an initiative for the electronic support of business processes, Familie Wiesner Gastronomie AG decided to switch to electronic personnel dossiers. In time, the new solution to be obtained was also to be used to support the processing of supplier invoices, contract management and project dossiers administration.


Digital management, legally compliant archiving of personnel dossiers

The requirements for the electronic personnel dossiers were as follows:

  • Electronic management and legally compliant archiving
  • Easy transfer of information from third-party applications (e.g. payroll accounting)
  • Scanning and automatic indexing by means of barcodes (e.g. time tracking sheets)
  • Assistance in the creation of new documents through integration in office applications
  • Powerful full-text search for individual documents in the dossiers
  • Detailed logging of all views and changes
  • Maximum user friendliness, minimum training requirements

The solution implemented by Arcplace is based on the document management system “Kendox InfoShare”. “Kendox InfoShare” enables the combination of documents, email and other information to electronic dossiers, the creation of informative folders and secure digital filing. ‘Secure’ means: It is impossible for unauthorised third parties to view or manipulate the digital data, and all views and changes are logged comprehensively. By means of interfaces, “Kendox InfoShare” can directly take over information from leading systems like Abacus and import documents from email, office, scanning and ERP applications.


 “The electronic personnel dossiers
save us a lot of time and
enable us to maintain
high data security standards.”
Manuel Wiesner, CFO Familie Wiesner Gastronomie AG


Substantial time and efficiency gain, more data security

Manuel Wiesner explains: “With the new solution, we save a lot of time in HR and in the secretariat, as we can find information much faster with the help of the efficient full-text search. Restaurant managers and assistants have access to the files of their employees from any location and around the clock – Kendox automatically adopts the respective access authorisation from Abacus. For us, the user friendliness was a key aspect. We need restaurant managers who can fully concentrate on their guests at the front. It must be possible to handle administrative tasks as quickly as possible and without any major training requirements.”
The CFO of FWG praises the good cooperation with Arcplace: “In several workshops, we elaborated and then successively refined the specifications, especially with regard to the clarity and user friendliness. Currently, the training requirement is below five minutes.” Manuel Wiesner is also impressed by the speed and efficiency of Arcplace: “Once we gave our definite go, the solution was ready to use within a short time.”


At a glance

  • Electronic management and legally compliant archiving of personnel dossiers
  • Direct data transfer from other systems
  • Granular authorisation and protection of sensitive documents
  • Full-text search for documents in the dossier
  • Access to dossiers at any time and from any location
  • Less space occupied due to elimination of the paper based filing system


About Arcplace AG

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