Become a partner

Kendox AG is a pioneer in the fields of DMS and archiving solutions - both in terms of conventional on-premises solutions and modern cloud platforms. Our core competence, our main focus, is solely on building and developing our outstanding DMS/ECM platform, Kendox InfoShare.

In order to add real value to your users' businesses, however, you need more than just a first-class software platform. This is exactly where our business partners come in: alongside us acting as a software and solutions provider, our partner companies offer complementary services to the market. These include consulting services, implementing the Kendox InfoShare solution and adaptating it to the customer's needs, and integrating InfoShare functionality into other applications - all of which creates real added value for our shared customers.

We understand partnership in a very literal sense: mutual trust and understanding, straightforward support, and collaboration towards a long-term, successful business relationship. We know that we're only successful when you're successful - and we always work in the interests of our shared customers.
Feel free to get in touch - we'd love to take our first step with you into a successful future.

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