Product Discontinuations

Kendox Discontinuations per 31.12.2018

  • Kendox InfoShare RIA Web Client

From 31.12.2018 there will be no further development for the "Kendox InfoShare RIA Web Client". Until 31.12.2020 bug fixes and security updates are still implemented. From 1.1.2021 and until 31.12.2021, it will only be possible to provide "individual support" for a fee. All work is carried out on behalf of and at the risk of the customer, if this is technically (still) possible.

Kendox Product discontinuations for 30/06/2017

  • Kendox Office Integration 2007
  • Kendox Office Integration 2003
  • Kendox Outlook Integration 2007
  • Kendox Outlook Integration 2003
  • Kendox Web (will be replaced by "Kendox Mobile Web Client")
  • Kendox POP3 Mail Archiver (Standalone product); superseded by "Kendox InfoShare Mail Archiver" (with IMAP integration)

A licence conversion will be required to use "Kendox InfoShare Mail Archiver" . You may request a licence conversion from Kendox, after which you will be about to install and configure the product.

From this point onwards (June 2016), there will be no further development work for the above named products. Support is guaranteed until June 2017. After this point (July 2017 onwards), support will be suspended. In addition, no error corrections (fixes) will be made after this point in time.