Kendox Training - Ready for your project.

Be it a standard training session or an individual one, on-site with your company or at our training facility in the Swiss Rhine Valley, our InfoShare training sessions will get you ready to work with our products and solutions. Depending on their target audience, the sessions will deliver the technical fundamentals or specialist know-how for a specific project. They serve to both prepare the project team on a technical level and educate end users. As a participant in these sessions - either as a customer or a partner - you'll be ready to get started with your first InfoShare projects, with everything you need to see these projects successfully through to completion.
Personalised options, offering focused qualification for projects, also let you benefit from our specialists' expert knowledge in intensive training sessions to address specific project demands. We are happy to discuss these personalised sessions to adapt them very specifically to your individual needs.
Standard training
InfoShare standard training sessions ensure that our customers' and partners' employees stay up to date. The sessions run on a regular basis at our training facility in Oberriet SG.
For further information, and training dates, visit our training calendar.
Personalised training for Kendox Business Partners
We are happy to provide individual training sessions for employees of new partners or for individual customers. These sessions are provided by the Kendox support team, in order to guarantee a close relationship with practical usage. Members of other departments within Kendox AG can also be included on request, depending on the subject matter.
Personalised usage and administration training for end customers
Our Kendox InfoShare projects include dedicated training sessions for users and administrators, focusing specifically on the specific requirements and administrative tasks associated with a given customer's environment.