IBM System i (AS/400) competence to get you online!

Powerful. Cost-effective. Flexible.

Many companies rely on IBM AS/400 and System i infrastructure. Together, we and our partners offer a complete document management and archiving solutions portfolio to meet their specific needs. Kendox InfoShare lets you archive documents in line with legal regulations, easily migrate AS/400 archive systems, and integrate with specialist AS/400 applications. 

Years of experience

At Kendox, we have years of experience with IBM System i (AS/400). One of the leading document archive systems for AS/400 was developed in the 1990s and maintained over many years by the future founders of Kendox AG. In short, Kendox has all the know-how and competence required to support document archiving applications for IBM System i

DMS/Archiving solutions for IBM i

As well as supporting and maintaining existing IBM i solutions, we have also implemented solutions which integrate IBM i with the Kendox InfoShare document management system, allowing IBM i to seamlessly and transparently access archived documents. These solutions address document processes of all kinds, including document management, revision-safe binder and document archiving, workflows, and the migration of existing AS/400 archive systems.

Alternative IBM i support

Alternative support reduces costs and risks

IBM i (AS/400) DMS and archiving solutions usually run reliably and without any issues.

One problem can be support: matters like updates, bugs and system upgrades. When it comes to DMS and archiving applications, this can quickly lead to problems like loss of time or data, overcomplicated solutions, or excessively long resolution times. This is where Kendox can help:

  • Kendox and our partners offer alternative, qualified support for existing AS/400 DMS and archiving applications
  • Our team of Kendox employees and partners has extensive experience with AS/400 DMS and archiving systems and is based out of German-speaking regions.
  • Alternative support plans allow improved security and relliability, without forcing you to switch away from ongoing AS/400 systems under any time pressure.


Extensive  experience

Kendox employees are highly knowledgeable about DMS and archiving subjects as they relate to IBM System i: both the system itself and questions of integration - and, depending on the task, even how to migrate DMS and archiving systems from IBM i to other system platforms.

Kendox has previously migrated well over 100 million documents from IBM i-based archive systems, offering cost-effective solutions which in particular include so-called "soft migration", in which all metadata is transferred but documents themselves are only migrated as and when required.

Kendox works with a number of specialist partners who are able to bring their additional competence and solutions to bear for IBM System i (AS/400) projects.

Soft migration for IBM i document archives

Soft migration - fast and easy to implement

Transferring a large document archive to a new system is not as simple as naming a single day on which to do it. The same applies to document archives implemented on IBM System i (AS/400).

This is where so-called "soft migration" comes into play. Here, the first step is to migrate only the archive's metadata in a one-time transfer. Each actual document is then then only carried across once it is actually needed. During migration, IBM i-specific data formats such as AFP or SCS-formatted spool files are converted into a more modern format - usually PDF.

If the migration process is time-critical or otherwise demanding, then "soft migration" may also make sense for migrating archives with relatively small numbers of documents.


Pure experience

Kendox and our partners have previously migrated well over 100 million documents from IBM i-based archiving systems (OnDemand, ImagePlus, InfoStore etc.) - and our solutions are mature and cost-effective.

Kendox InfoShare IBM i integration

Flexible integration tools, proven time and again

Kendox offers a range of integration modules for bringing IBM i (AS/400) data and documents into Kendox InfoShare environments.

Kendox i5.Spool

Kendox i5.Spool registers, indexes and converts IBM i spool files and hands them over to the Kendox InfoShare archive server. These processes run automatically on IBM i or on Windows system platforms. IBM formats such as AFP, IPDS, SCS and other formats such as PCL can all be processed perfectly.

Overview of functions: 

  • IBM AS/400 print data archiving
  • Provide print data for Kendox COLD
  • SCS, IPCS, AFPDS and PCL supported
  • Correctly embeds external resources such as overlays and page segments
  • Control over available and successfully archived print data
  • Automatically reorganises archived print files
  • Produces copies of print files for archiving
Kendox i5.API

Kendox i5.API contains interfaces to allow IBM i applications to access digital documents contained within Kendox InfoShare. These command APIs, available as IBM OS/400 commands, can be used to let IBM i applications scan, store and search for documents, and alter index values and data protection settings.

Kendox i5.API is based on the universal Kendox XML API and is very easy for IBM i system administrators to use to quickly and easily create personalised integration solutions.

Overview of functions:

  • Call Kendox XMLAPI functions directly from IBM System i
  • IBM i document searching on local workstations
  • Scan documents diirectly from IBM i applications with index values transferred
  • Start file import on IBM i with index values transferred
  • 5250 ScreenScraping (IBM Client Access required) - Call Kendox InfoShare functions without making alterations to IBM i applications
  • Direct communication over TCP/IP and KendoxMonitor - intelligent communication between System IBM i and Kendox InfoShare
Kendox Monitor

Kendox Monitor makes it easy to use third-party applications to call Kendox XMLAPI or SecCommerce SecSigner, or sstart a Windows application on your PC. Kendox Monitor communicates with the third-party application using TCP/IP, the file system (using file monitoring) or by calling the requirement with a command parameter. Kendox Monitor lets you seamlessly send and receive commands and data with IBM System i (AS/400) - with no additional configuration required.

Overview of functions:

  • Call Kendox XMLAPI functions directly on IBM System i
  • Document and data display speed dramatically improved
  • 5250 screen monitoring
    • Evaluate screen content
    • Evaluated information can be used as search values for InfoShare search
  • Create digital signatures for documents

Consulting and project management

Competent advice for IBM i (AS/400) users

Kendox employees are well-versed in the details of System i (AS/400), including system and application knowledge, with a focus on DMS and archiving applications and integration solutions.

Kendox and users within the Kendox partner network collaborate on each individual project, covering planning and design, project management, and the technical implementation of IT and software projects.


Manageable costs, measurable project risks

Approaches tested over many years of practical experience, and a large team with a broad experiential background, mean that projects are completed to manageable budgets and at clearly measurable levels of risk.