The document archive, unplugged

These days, businesses have better things to do than worry about the details of document management and legally-compliant archiving: they want to focus on their core competences. However, it is still essential to make sure that business-relevant information is available at all times from any location – ideally from the appropriate specialist application, for maximum efficiency when carrying out business processes.

With the InfoShare Cloud Archive Service from Kendox, businesses benefit from secure, trackable cloud-based data storage. This flexible, highly-available DMS platform can be easily and quickly integrated into existing specialist applications to ensure that documents are available anywhere, at any time – using specialist applications, a web browser or a tablet or smartphone. This way, you get the benefits of both a cloud-based solution and the required high efficiency when working with business-critical documents. And naturally, your data is always safe with us: protecting your data against loss or unauthorised access is one of our key considerations.

With this service, Kendox business partners have a simple, efficient tool for realising cloud document archives integrated into their own applications.

InfoShare Cloud Archive Service

Simple, efficient storage

The archiving process can be quickly and easily integrated into existing business processes and specialist applications using the open web API, automatically archiving documents in a revision-safe format. Users also benefit from seamless access to archived content.

Secure data centre operations

The InfoShare Cloud Archive Service is operated from a certified data centre, ensuring that the solution remains highly available and your sensitive documents are always protected. Instead of having to invest in costly archiving infrastructure, you can let your employees focus on your own core business processes.

Legally-compliant archiving

Documents in Kendox InfoShare are archived in compliance with legal regulations: changes to documents can be tracked, and it is also possible to identify what is happening to individual documents at any time. You can be confident that everything really is under control.

No capital commitment

Only pay for what you actually need - avoid a long-term capital commitment and large investments in costly infrastructure. Flexible pricing models guarantee that the cost structures will adapt to match your needs - not the other way around. This gives you greater financial flexibility within your core business.

Wide range of access options

The InfoShare Cloud Archive Service offers a wide range of access options. You can access documents using your own specialist applications, or us the InfoShare HTML5 app and your web browser, tablet or smartphone to work directly with archived content - anywhere, at any time.

Universal, open interfaces

A fully open collection of interfaces, known as the InfoShare Web API, is available for the InfoShare Cloud Archive Service. These interfaces (web services, WCF, JSON) let you address almost any InfoShare service function to meet your individual requirements. And best of all, there are no additional costs – the API is automatically included within the InfoShare Cloud Archive Service for free.