Kendox InfoShare digital binders

In the age of digitisation, traditional filing cabinets should be a thing of the past. With Kendox InfoShare digital binders, your business processes are optimised, and keeping an overview of complex document structures remains a simple and efficient task.

Each digital binder brings together all relevant information and documents in the proper context. Central storage makes finding a given file much easier. You can use structured processes to assign documents to binders, regardless of their source or format. All documents are available for easy access, and new documents – or updated documents – are visible right away.



Each digital binder organises documents and information according to their context. Simply drag and drop to add a file. You can also quickly and easily assign documents to a digital binder from Microsoft Office and Microsoft Outlook, including converting them to PDF if desired.



You can set up automated workflows within a digital binder. This way, you can pass on relevant information to the right people. This makes business processes significantly more transparent and – most importantly – makes them trackable.


continuous availability

Employees have more flexibility, as they can access the information they need at any time, anywhere – as long as they have the proper authorisation. The Mobile Web Client enables access from any device, be it PC, smartphone or tablet.


audit-acceptable archiving

Digital binders guarantee legally compliant archiving of all relevant documents. Changes to documents can be tracked in full, so you can keep track of everything that happens.


specific digital binders

All necessary and relevant information about an employee and their employment relationship is stored in the digital personnel binder. You can also easily add other binders or individual documents to a digital personnel binder, giving you access to all the information you need, such as applications and references, within a single container.

Digital contract binders
Digital contract binders

By adopting digital contract binders, you can optimise your processes by improving transparency.

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Digital contract binders give you the information and control you need for each phase of the contract life cycle. Inefficient management and search processes create risks and costs. By bundling all contractual information together into a single, central digital binder instead, you can be certain that your document management processes are working optimally.

Digital quality management binders
Digital quality management binders

By adopting Kendox InfoShare QDMS, you can manage your QM documents in the best possible way.


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For your quality management projects, you can use Kendox InfoShare QDMS for all quality-related documents, records, the quality management manual itself, and any other relevant documents.