Kendox InfoShare digital contract binders

Digital contract binders give you the information and control you need for each phase of the contract life cycle. Inefficient management and search processes create risks and costs. By bundling all contractual information together into a single, central digital binder instead, you can be certain that your document management processes are working optimally.

Businesses benefit from using Kendox InfoShare digital contract binders. By adopting digital contract binders, you can improve transparency to optimise your business processes. All relevant documents are also archived in a standardised, audit-acceptable data centre. Transparency is also boosted by enabling access at any time, anywhere, to all documents – including their attachments.



Employees have a range of options for accessing digital contract binders. As well as being directly integrated into leading applications, records and documents are also available via the Mobile Web Client or a browser-based application.



Digital contract binders can include the details of any associated deadlines or workflows. The system will always inform you promptly about any upcoming tasks. Your business will never have to worry again about the risk of missed deadlines.


audit-acceptable archiving

Documents in a digital contract binder are archived in compliance with legal requirements. Changes can be tracked and it is always possible to see what happens to individual files, so you can remain confident that everything is under control.


central management, global access

Location-independent access to contractual files is particularly useful for businesses with widely distributed offices. All relevant information is managed in the central digital contract binder, but remains quickly and easily accessible from any location.



The digital contract binder is designed as a cloud solution, making it an ideal addition to other cloud-based solutions. It makes no difference how and where the digital contract binders are hosted: they can be on-premises, in a data centre, or in the cloud.