Personnel management with "InfoShare Digital Personnel Files"

Overflowing filing cabinets, time-intensive document storage processes, all the effort of manually searching for documents whenever they are needed: this scenario is all too common in human resources departments. Although HR teams now often work with electronic support for recruiting, applications management and onboarding, a great deal of information is still handled on paper.


Centralised managment of of sensitive documents in a revision-safe archive

"Kendox InfoShare Digital Personnel Files" make paper-based records mostly superfluous. All documents - including contracts, application forms, correspondence between employer and employee, or certificates such as diplomas and degrees can be digitised and stored in a central revision-safe archive where they are available around the clock. Detailed access rights plans also help to guarantee that only those users with the proper authorisation can access sensitive information, ensuring compliance with both legal and internal data protection regulations.


Streamlined management processes, sophisticated record plans

As a result, HR management processes become significantly more streamlined and efficient. Authorised users have unobstructed access to the relevant information - optionally through a direct interface with the company's central HR application. In addition, record plans and other convenient processing functions such as reusable templates and completeness checks help HR workers to complete a wide range of routine tasks.


InfoShare Digital Personnel Files

Automatic "binder" generation

Personnel files can be automatically generated using a leading application. Employees' source data is supplied within a "digital binder" which allows structured access to digital records without having to go through the HCM application.

Wide range of access options

HR workers can access "Digital Personnel Files" in a wide variety of ways. Aside from directly integrating them into a leading HCM application, users can access records and documents using the "Mobile Web Client" or a browser-based records system.

Legally compliant archiving

Documents within each "Digital Personnel File" are archived in compliance with legal regulations: changes to documents can be tracked, and it is always possible to track what has been done to an individual document at any time. This gives HR departments the security of knowing that everything really is under control.

Integrated template manager

Office integration with "Digital Personnel Files" means that new documents can be easily created within a personnel file with the help of the template manager and boilerplates. New documents are automatically assigned to the correct personnel file as part of this process.

Centralised management, global access

Location-independent access to HR documents is of particular benefit to businesses with widely distributed offices. Employee information is managed centrally within the "electronic personnel file" but can still be quickly and easily accessed anywhere, at any time.

Designed for use in the cloud

The "Digital Personnel File" is designed for use as a cloud-based solution, representing the ideal complement to cloud-based HCM solutions. Where and when the "Digital Personnel File" is used becomes irrelevant, be it on-premise, hosted in a data centre or accessed in the cloud.

Selected HCM applications with integration options