Archive documents with Kendox InfoShare

The archiving and long-term storage of documents in line with compliance requirements is one of the key demands placed upon a document management system. All documents – no matter their origin – are stored and managed through the InfoShare Server. This is the only way to ensure that documents are stored in line with legal requirements.
How the documents arrive in the system is irrelevant: equal support is given to document scanning, manual archiving of documents and emails from standard applications such as Microsoft Office and Outlook, and automatic storage of content created by specialist applications.
A flexible, highly configurable metadata management system makes documents and binders searchable, as well as ensuring they can be perfectly integrated into business processes. And naturally, the extensive security design - including role- and index data-based access permissions - guarantees that documents can only be seen by those with the proper permissions.

Compliance Storage

Kendox InfoShare supports nearly all common storage systems on the market. As long as the hardware manufacturer offers certification, Kendox InfoShare will be certified for it.

Logo EMC
EMC Centera
EMC Celerra
GRAU DATA File Lock  
Logo IBM
Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM/SSAM)
IBM DR550 (using File System Gateway)
Logo NetApp
NetApp SnapLock  

Internal processes for improving data protection and consistency

Kendox InfoShare also offers a number of additional internal processes which allow legally-compliant storage and revision-safe archiving of all documents and information. They include the following processes: 
  • Automatic hash value generation 
  • Digital signatures
  • Dual document storage (e.g. on different storage systems)
  • "Read-after-write"
  • Protection against document and data manipulation
  • Indirect access to documents
  • Life-cycle-based storage periods
  • Manipulation-proof log entries (Document version and change logs)
  • Administrator login records
  • Activity and auditing database
  • Interface for integrity protection tests
  • etc.

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