Capture documents with Kendox InfoShare

The capture of a document for a document management system is one of the very first steps in a document's life cycle. Kendox InfoShare includes a number of capture modules to meet a wide range of requirements.

InfoShare SCAN
InfoShare SCAN is a convenient solution for quickly and automatically capturing paper-based documents and separating, classifying, automatically or manually indexing them, and storing them in any archive system as required. Captured documents can also be handed over to transaction or workflow systems.
InfoShare SCAN FormsLight
Add-on module for InfoShare SCAN to e.g. automatically read out form header data. InfoShare SCAN FormsLight supports defined forms, named recognition elements (e.g. UID, IBAN, ESR data lines, etc.) and more.
InfoShare COLD
InfoShare COLD allows you to process documents, document batches and spool files (printer output) of all kinds. Batches and documents can be split, classified, indexed and converted into archiving formats such as PDF.
InfoShare BATCH
InfoShare BATCH lets you automatically import document batches en masse to a revision-safe storage point. A range of processing steps with varying functionality can be defined as part of the document batch processing workflow.

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