Integrate documents with Kendox InfoShare

The true value of a document only becomes clear if it is integrated into the right business processes and specialist applications. Kendox InfoShare's open architecture makes integration easy. A wide range of integration options are already available for leading specialist processes and standard applications. See for yourself.

Logo SAP Business ByDesign
SAP Business ByDesign
SAP Business ByDesign is a fully integrated cloud-based business software solution for small and medium-sized enterprises. This complete on-demand software package is run from SAP's high-performance data centres. With Kendox InfoShare as a Service, incoming and outgoing documents are captured and archived in a revision-safe format. Users can directly access archived documents using SAP Business ByDesign. The cloud-based InfoShare archive can be easily expanded into an enterprise-wide document management system to include digital records and transactions, emails, Office documents and other data sources.
Logo SAP Business One
SAP Business One
SAP Business One is the ERP solution for small and medium-sized enterprises, containing modules for all critical elements of business management. Kendox InfoShare lets you view your entire document workflow within SAP Business One. The two systems integrate deeply into one another, guaranteeing optimal data flow and fast access to all required documents. Users can directly access all documents, centrally stored and archived, using the leading SAP Business One system.
Logo successfactors
SAP Success Factors
SuccessFactors is a world-leading cloud-based personnel management solution. Kendox InfoShare ensures that all personnel documents which require long-term storage are archived in a legally-compliant, revision-safe format. Kendox InfoShare can also be used to manage documents, templates and processes.
PROFFIX is an administrative software package designed for use in any industry, developed specifically to meet the needs of SMEs in Switzerland. Kendox InfoShare makes it easy to efficiently manage and locate all incoming and outgoing documents. Kendox InfoShare integrates fully into PROFFIX, with all documents available at the click of a button and visible to multiple users at once. Documents can be automatically assigned, transactions are trackable, and more.
Logo Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a leading customer relationship management solution developed by Microsoft. Among other functions, it supports sales processes within businesses. Kendox InfoShare expands this CRM solution into a comprehensive document management solution which allows users to work with documents in context directly within Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
Logo Microsoft Dynamics AX
Microsoft Dynamics AX
Microsoft Dynamics AX iis a comprehensive enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution. As well as ERP functionality, it also provides predefined functions for the manufacturing, wholesale and distribution, retail and services industries. With Kendox InfoShare, documents can be assigned to customers and products within Microsoft Dynamics AX, with transparent access to documents provided by the ERP application. Documents produced within Microsoft Dynamics AX (such as invoices and delivery notes) are archived directly within Kendox InfoShare inn a revision-safe format.
Logo infor
Infor COM

Infor COM is an ERP solution for medium-sized enterprises, designed mass producers, make-to-order producers and assemble-to-order producers. Kendox InfoShare automatically transfers outgoing documents from the ERP system - such as those coming from the purchasing, sales or production departments - to the document archive. This creates a complete document archive to meet legal requirements. The user can then also access stored documents directly through Infor COM, ensuring that everything is processed in full.

Logo cimERP
cimdata cimERP
cimERP is a business administration ERP application focused on business processes for medium-sized manufacturers. Using the InfoShare cimDOC module, outgoing documents coming from cimdata cimERP (such as delivery notes and invoices) are stored directly in Kendox InfoShare and archived in a revision-safe format. Paper documents can also be scanned, archived and then associated with barcodes or other data using cimERP.
Logo rona ConTec

rona:contec is a complete ERP solution for waste disposal and logistics. rona:contect displays all business processes within a single central solution. Integrating Kendox InfoShare into rona:contec increases efficiency and optimises processes. All document workflows, from incoming invoices to delivery and weight notes, can be processed entirely paperlessly. Almost all of Kendox InfoShare's DMS and archiving functionality can be used from within the rona:contec user interface, ensuring highly efficient processing.

Logo IBM
IBM System i (AS/400)
Many businesses rely on the IBM AS/400 or System i infrastructure. For these businesses, we and our partners offer a complete document management and archiving solutions portfolio. Kendox InfoShare enables legally-compliant archiving, easy AS/400 archive system migration, and AS/400 specialist application integration. The solution is powerful, cost-effective and usable in the cloud or on mobile devices.

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