Manage documents with Kendox InfoShare

As well as a wide range of integration options for specialist applications, Kendox InfoShare offers a wide range of applications and tools for managing emails and documents. For example, emails stored in your archive can be recaptured and documents can be structured within binders. You can also quickly and easily locate content and hand it over to business processes. Fast, simple and convenient.

InfoShare client
The highly flexible Kendox Infoshare client allows the user to work directly with their document portfolio. Documents can be stored and archived, index values can be used to search for documents, and documents can be edited and rearchived as a new version of the file. A number of different clients are available: as well as the Windows client and a web application, a cutting-edge HTML5 client is also available which can be used on smartphones, tablets and other devices.
Digital Dossiers
Specifically tailored towards managing digital records and binders, InfoShare Digital Dossiers lets you logically strucure documents inside binders and dossiers. A range of possible structures and properties can be configured for each dossier, depending on the business process and use case. This makes it easy to implement binders for all kinds of applications, including HR records, customer files, supplier records and more.
Microsoft Outlook
Emails are an indispensable part of day-to-day business. Just like all other documents, they need to be accounted for by a business' information infrastructure. With InfoShare integrated into Outlook, the user works with the normal Microsoft Outlook environment to interact with emails, archiving and/or searching for them within the archive.
Lotus Notes
With Lotus Notes integration using Kendox NOTESConnect, Lotus Notes clients can directly access documents and information from the Kendox InfoShare server to store, find and display them.

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