Mobile working with Kendox InfoShare

Many users now consider mobile working a given. Location-independent working offers great potential: increased flexibility, direct contact with customers, 24-hour access to business data. However, in order to avoid unnecessarily slowing down workflows, it is essential for mobile applications to be seamlessly integrated into business processes, and for mobile processes to be available across a range of end devices. Only then will it be possible to quickly approve quotes, invoices and contracts, and to quickly locate business data.
Kendox InfoShare offers a range of tools that make it possible to work with documents and data on the move. And with InfoShare as a Service, all business archive operatiions can be outsourced, eliminating the need to build your own archive infrastructure.
InfoShare RIA Web Client
The InfoShare RIA Client is a complete DMS application for your web browser. Based on Microsoft Silverlight, it offers almost all Kendox InfoShare functionality within a web browser. The look and feel of the interface consciously emulates standard applications such as Microsoft Office in order to make the tool as efficient as possible to use. The InfoShare RIA Web Client lets users easily and conveniently work on binders, documents and business processes.
InfoShare HTML5 Client
Based on HTML5, CSS and JavaScript, the HTML5 Client is a cutting-edge tool which allows users to conveniently work on binders and documents using their tablet or smartphone. The HTML5 Client consciously avoids overburdening the user with unnecessary functionality, focusing instead on the essentials in order to ensure fast, efficient access to business data.
InfoShare as a Service
Cloud-based mobile working requires suitable infrastructure in order to function. InfoShare as a Service lets businesses focus on their core competences. The business archive can be based in the cloud while still being seamlessly embedded into business processes.

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