Process integration with Kendox InfoShare

Flexible and efficient process automation

Business process management is a core concern for many businesses, regardless of their size or sector. Enterprises’ processes are not just becoming faster and more efficient - they are also becoming more flexible and more transparent. The reality for many businesses, however, is quite different. Processes are not integrated together; they are plagued by breaks in media continuity and processes are interrupted at the interfaces between specialist software and specialist departments. The advantages of sound process implementation are clear to see, then: businesses can react more quickly to changing requirements, all information relating to a process is visible at a glance, process automation results in significant increases in efficiency, and finally, the entire process chain is more "reliable" and less prone to errors.

This is precisely where the InfoShare Process Manager comes in. The Process Manager lets you define processes in advance, ensuring that recurring processes are handled consistently, making the current state of processing clear, and identifying the responsible figures at any given moment. The InfoShare Process Manager also lets you define individual processes on an ad-hoc basis - meaning that, where necessary, the user can define a document’s path to approval and release.

The InfoShare Process Manager lets you define business processes using a graphical user interface, meaning that even specialist users can clearly see how the entire process is supposed to function. The open architecture of Kendox InfoShare means processes can also be quickly and easily automated and integrated with existing databases and specialist applications.

Kendox InfoShare Process Manager

Binders and documents fully integrated
All binders and documents contained within Kendox InfoShare can be seamlessly integrated into processes. No need to waste time searching for information - it goes to the administrator automatically, right when it's needed.
Rules-based management
Based on predefined rules, the workflow itself determines which steps to take and when to grant approval during processing.
Group mailboxes
Process steps can be assigned to individual users or to user groups. This means everyone has clear, ordered access to all completed and queued transactions at al times.
Made-to-measure user interface
The user interface can be quickly and easily customised. Plugins allow you to realise almost any custom application, seamlessly embedded into the process manager.
At a glance
Detailed reports let you evaluate your processes. Due, overdue, active and completed processes can be quickly evaluated and analysed.
Integration with specialist applications
The open Web API allows fast, easy bidirectional integration with leading specialist applications.