Kendox InfoShare for Microsoft SharePoint

Many businesses use Microsoft SharePoint as the central platform for communicating and dynamically managing digital documents. The modular structure of "Kendox contentAccess" both integrates revision-safe archiving for business-relevant documents into operating processes and permanently lightens the load placed on the SharePoint environment.


Revision-safe "offloading" of SharePoint content

Many businesses need to store documents and other objects outside of Microsoft SharePoint in order to achieve a revision-safe archiving system. There is often also a need to retain access to these archived documents or continue embedding them into active business processes.

"Kendox contentAccess" enables efficient "offloading" of documents from SharePoint. Documents are archived in a revision-safe format within "Kendox InfoShare". Documents archived in this way can then be accessed through SharePoint itself or as part of other processes implemented within the DMS system.

As well as archiving content from SharePoint, the system can also supply archived documents back to SharePoint. Documents originating outside of Microsoft SharePoint are automatically published into the SharePoint environment. In such cases, "Kendox contentAccess" ensures that content is always synchronised.

"Kendox contentAccess"

"Compliance Archive" for SharePoint
Documents managed within Microsoft SharePoint can be stored in the revision-safe "Compliance Archive" as part of a rules-based (automatic), manual or event-based process. This process runs transparently in the background. Documents archived in this way can then be accessed through SharePoint or directly from the archive.
Copy, Move, Shortcut
Documents can either be copied or moved ("offloaded") from Microsoft SharePoint to the "Compliance Archive". When offloading documents, you can also create a so-called "stub" within Microsoft SharePoint which preserves access to the archived document.
"Offloading" from SharePoint systems
Completed projects can be moved in their entirety from Microsoft SharePoint to the "InfoShare Archive". This permanently reduces storage space requirements for Microsoft SharePoint while also continuing to guarantee access to offloaded documents. Data offloaded from Microsoft SharePoint can also be restored if required.
Publishing archived documents

Documents originating from outside of Microsoft SharePoint - e.g. as part of an invoice approval process or an ERP application - can also be provided within Microsoft SharePoint as part of a rules-based, automatic system - either as a "copy" or a "stub".

"Cloud-to-cloud" integration

"Kendox contentAccess" supports both cloud-only scenarios and hybrid architectures.

Whether Microsoft SharePoint is operated in the cloud, as part of Office365 or on-premise, it makes no difference. The same applies to "Kendox InfoShare" - where the system is actually operated is irrelevant.

Automatic synchronisation

If the content or metadata within a document is altered - whether in SharePoint or in "Kendox InfoShare" - "Kendox contentAccess" ensures that content is always synchronised in both directions - automatically, transparently and reliably.