Quality Management with «InfoShare QM Dossier»

The introduction and ongoing maintenance of a quality management system as part of a process of continuous improvement as per DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 9001:2015 requires the creation and constant management of a comprehensive set of quality management documentation (also known as QM documents).


Central management and organisation of all QM documents

“Kendox InfoShare” enables centralised storage and management of all kinds of documents from a central location. As a result, any and all documents, records of any type, document-related processes, and all electronic process files are available at a glance in a central location. “Kendox InfoShare” can be used as a component of quality management projects to conveniently manage all documents needed for the quality management process, such as process descriptions, work instructions and forms, quality-control records such as current values, verification and feedback documents, the quality management manual (QMM) itself and any other relevant documents. All of these files can also be incorporated into a carefully controlled processing and versioning solution.


Document control and approval processes

Documents subject to the so-called “document control” process are systematically captured and classified based on their current status. Depending on individual requirements, additional approval and release processes can be implemented over the course of various stages of expansion. This allows you to apply even the most complex permissions and access plans to QM documentation.


Benefits at a glance

  • Manage the quality management manual (QMM) and other applicable documents in “Kendox InfoShare”
  • Manage quality-related documents and records, plus any other relevant documents
  • Track and manage different versions of documents and attachments
  • Templates to control the creation of QM documents
  • Flexible, expandable rules-based system for creating systematic document identification plans
  • Automatic numbering of newly created QM documents
  • Centralised document status control, including a logical status update process (for example, after “Activation”, only “Deactivation” can follow)
  • Preconfigured, customisable classification tables (“user-defined tables”) for keywording QM documents (process tiers and groups, parent and child process descriptions, etc.)
  • Preconfigured permissions model for QM documentation, customisable to meet your specific needs

InfoShare QM Dossier

Digital quality management dossier

QM documents are managed within a “digital dossier”. Typically, each revision state (initial certification, intermediate audits, recertification, etc.) is assigned to a given digital dossier. The digital dossiers’ specific configuration – including elements such as the source data to be captured for each files – will be adjusted to meet the customer’s specific needs during the project implementation process.

Standardised processes

Digital control processes can be optionally implemented as part of a “Kendox InfoShare QM dossier” project. These control elements such as the creation, validation, release and publication of QM documents. QM-supported processes also assist with functional operations: standard processes (such as “onboarding” processes for training new employees) can be seamlessly integrated with the QM system.

Integrative approach

Document management, digital dossiers and an integrated process manager form the basis for “Kendox InfoShare QM dossiers”. Based on the preconfigured document, dossier and process, implementing a straightforward, well-organised QM documentation management process becomes fast and cost-effective. Thanks to the modular structure and flexible customisation options of “Kendox InfoShare”, the solution can be expanded to meet your individual needs at any time.