Introducing the latest Kendox InfoShare Version 5.0

New version of the cloud-based DMS with numerous innovations for optimized cloud operation.

We present the latest version of our renowned document management system Kendox InfoShare. Based on a consistent microservice architecture, version 5.0 offers significant advantages in terms of reliability and scalability in the data center and for setting up distributed locations. We ensure greater security by supporting extended authentication procedures and compliance requirements. Previous Kendox InfoShare client applications will be completely replaced by the enhanced Mobile Web Client.

At the heart of Kendox InfoShare 5.0 are the new, highly scalable Kendox InfoShare Server and the completely redesigned Mobile Web Client, which is fully implemented in HTML5. While the previous version, Kendox InfoShare Version 4, still had limitations in multi-server operation, the new architecture of the Kendox InfoShare Server allows individual services to be distributed to different servers and operated there. In conjunction with appropriate load-balancing configurations, the overall system can be scaled horizontally without de facto limit, so that the required system performance is ensured even under very high loads. The optional redundant implementation of central services can increase the system’s reliability. In the event of a server failure, the affected services are automatically provided by other servers so that the availability of the solution remains guaranteed.

With the new version Kendox InfoShare 5.0, the architecture of the interfaces has also been revised. User companies and technology partners now have around 400 API interfaces available as REST APIs, which they can use to integrate Kendox InfoShare into their own applications and solutions. The REST API also forms the basis for platform independence. Organizations can now create applications that integrate with Kendox InfoShare regardless of the underlying operating system. At the same time, obsolete interface technologies were removed.

“One of the key driving factors in product development was the guiding principle of ‘one software, any device’ – in other words, software that can be used on all devices, including a smartphone. We have consistently implemented this requirement in the further development of our solution.”
Werner Haltner, Chief Technical Officer of Kendox AG

The new Mobile Web Client was also developed entirely based on the REST API. It is fully implemented as an HTML5 application, has a responsive design and can therefore be used across all platforms on any web-enabled device (iOS, Android, Mac, etc.) as well as on conventional Windows workstations. For small display devices, such as smartphones, the system switches to a display suitable for this device (so-called Ccardview). User companies can thus guarantee their employees and business partners secure, mobile access to business-relevant documents and at the same time ensure that all documents are stored in a legally compliant manner.

Kendox InfoShare 5.0 is upward compatible with Kendox InfoShare 4.0. The upgrade can be carried out automatically. However, existing integration applications and interface programs must be checked for outdated technologies and, if necessary, converted to the new Kendox InfoShare API in REST/JSON technology.

To meet the needs of companies using Kendox InfoShare in an international context, the “Mobile Web Client” is available in nine languages. These include German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Japanese and Mandarin. Other languages are in preparation and can be provided at short notice for a fee if required.

The Mobile Web Client also offers numerous innovations on a functional level. Using intuitive drag & drop operation, any documents, emails and their attachments can be easily transferred from the local system to Kendox InfoShare via the browser. With the help of InfoShare Local Access, we also enable seamless integration of the Mobile Web Client with Windows applications such as Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Office. This allows documents from Kendox InfoShare to be opened, edited and automatically logged in and out of the locally installed application.

The Mobile Web Client also supports extended authentication procedures. In addition to the single sign-on login via Microsoft Active Directory already available in the previous version, we now also support the authorization standards OAuth 2 and OpenID Connect. This allows single sign-on procedures to be implemented based on Microsoft Azure AD, OKTA and other identity provider (IdP) systems.

The new functions in the Mobile Web Client also include the complete implementation of the requirements for legal conformity in accordance with GoBS and GeBüV (e.g. permanent deletion protection in accordance with GeBüV specifications), as well as a statistics module for regular evaluations. The options for processing incoming invoices have also been expanded. Standards such as ZUGFeRD, XRechnung and the e-invoice XML invoices commonly used in Italy are now supported.

Previous Kendox InfoShare client applications will be completely replaced by the new Mobile Web Client. This applies to the classic Kendox InfoShare Client (Windows application) and the Kendox InfoShare RIA Web Client (a web application based on Microsoft Silverlight). Support and maintenance for Kendox InfoShare version 4 is guaranteed until the end of 2023.