Kendox InfoShare
Legally compliant archiving

Archive documents in a secure, central location

The key expectation of a document management system is that it should archive documents and retain them for long periods of time in compliance with all relevant laws and guidance. All documents – no matter where they originate – can be stored and managed in Kendox InfoShare Server. This ensures legally compliant document storage.

Have the database in the cloud

Secure archiving

It doesn’t matter how documents reach your system. Document scanning is supported just as well as manual archiving of documents and emails from standard applications like Microsoft Office and Outlook, and automatic archiving of content from specialist applications.

Flexible and highly configurable metadata management further ensures that documents and binders can be found again when needed, integrating them beautifully into your business processes. Naturally, a comprehensive security concept (including role- and index data-based access rights) guarantees that documents can only be viewed by those who are authorised to do so.

Retention and deletion periods

Revision-safe digital archiving systems that meet legal requirements for holding business documents must

  • meet legal retention period requirements
  • take specialist laws, standards and industry requirements into account
  • implement internal company requirements and demands

Documents must be retrievable; archiving processes and time stamps must be trackable and verifiable, and data must be saved in an unalterable and unfalsifiable format.

Kendox InfoShare supports almost all common storage systems on the market today. If a hardware manufacturer requires certification for Kendox InfoShare, it will be done.

Improve data security and consistency

Kendox InfoShare additionally offers a number of internal processes that enable legally compliant archiving and retention of documents and information. This includes the following processes:

  • Manipulation-proof log entries (document version and change logs)

  • Access log for administrators

  • Activity and audit database

  • Integrity testing interface

  • And much more

Cloud services

By using Kendox InfoShare in the cloud, you can benefit from conveniently and securely archiving documents in a secure data centre in Germany or Switzerland.

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