Kendox InfoShare
Digital invoice processing

Cut down on process runtimes

Rules-based, process-supported invoice processing based on Kendox InfoShare helps ensure high levels of transparency and significantly better access to information, including legal compliance thanks to revision-safe archiving. Moreover, invoices can be processed from anywhere in a single continuous workflow: in other words, they can be approved at any time, even on mobile.


Invoices are digitised so that downstream processes can ensure the continuity of the media used. If an invoice is already in digital form at the point of receipt, for example by email or file transfer, it will be captured and automatically handed over for processing.

Data extraction and verification

Header and position data are automatically and reliably read from the invoices provided. As part of the extraction process, the data is verified against the master and transaction-related data in the company’s accounting or ERP system.

Initial account assignment for provisional accounting

Using this information and the extracted data, the amount owed can be sent to the downstream accounting system as soon as the invoice is received, allowing it to be provisionally booked in. The invoice itself is attached to the payment record, ensuring future access at all times.

Quantity and price checking

When the invoice itself is processed, the administrator has access to a range of functions which significantly help with validation and processing. These include assigning accounts and cost centres to individual items on an invoice.

Control and approval

The task of approving an invoice can be assigned to one or more people. Once an invoice is approved, the posting record will be sent down the downstream accounting system. Optionally, payment can be automatically approved for each invoice.

Logging and tracking

The entire validation and approval process is logged and saved to a digital archive along with the approved invoice. This ensures transparent documentation of who took which decisions in the process and when, including the final approval.

Free white paper

This white paper explains how digitally processing the invoices you receive can streamline and simplify the invoicing process in your business. Digitisation allows you to utilise the full potential of your business processes. This won’t just save time and costs: it also fully guarantees transparency throughout the process, right up to the point of payment.

The benefits: An overview

If your current invoice processing system is complex and unwieldy, now is the time to optimise it with the Kendox InfoShare platform.

  • Reliably extract invoice data

  • Verify extracted data against master data and transaction-related information held in the accounting system

  • Flexible, configurable approval process

  • Legally compliant archiving for all relevant documents

  • Integrates with downstream accounting system

  • Designed to run in the cloud

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