Kendox InfoShare
A platform to meet any need

Make the most of digitisation

With our Kendox InfoShare platform, you can optimise the way you manage your digital documents, information, records and processes. Our platform helps you to consolidate all information and documents relevant to your business in a single, central location.

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Average paper costs per employee per year.
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Kendox InfoShare functions overview

Scanning your documents for digital work


Kendox InfoShare Scan is our convenient solution for automatically and quickly capturing paper-based documents, separating them into individual files if needed, classifying them, automatically or manually indexing them, and storing them in Kendox InfoShare.

Files in a digital cabinet


Kendox InfoShare can easily structure and manage documents and emails in digital binders. These binders can be configured as needed – they adapt to your processes. All the information you need is consolidated in one place, and can be accessed through solutions like the Kendox Client.

Digital networking space


With the Kendox InfoShare Process Manager, you can preconfigure frequently recurring processes so that they run the same way each time. You can see the current stage of processing and who is currently responsible for it.

Have the database in the cloud


Kendox InfoShare lets you archive business-related binders and documents in a central, unalterable, falsification-proof archive where every action is logged and traceable.

Your technically support


The open architecture of Kendox InfoShare means it works easily with a wide range of other solutions. Numerous integrations with leading specialist processes and standard applications are already available.

Cloud services for success


Kendox InfoShare makes it easy to work with data and documents on the move. With Kendox InfoShare as a Service, you can even outsource the entire operation of your business’ archive.

Document management: An overview

The Kendox InfoShare platform offers:

  • Comprehensive DMS/ECM solution including process management

  • Process management for binders and documents

  • Revision-safe archive

  • Available as a cloud service

  • Integrate with specialist applications using open web API

  • Open architecture based on Microsoft .NET

  • Web services and WCF interface

Get started with digitisation now


We’ll help you digitise your business processes. Use the Kendox InfoShare platform as a basis to make the most of our solutions. Thanks to its flexibility, our solutions can be tailored to meet your exact needs.


We are happy to integrate Kendox InfoShare into your existing ERP/PPS/FIBU or CRM applications such as SAP, infor, DATEV, Microsoft and many more or into your HR/HCM applications such as sage, VEDA or others.

Cloud services

With the Kendox InfoShare Cloud Service, you benefit from secure data storage in the cloud where every action is logged and traceable. The first priority is always on protecting your data against loss and unauthorised access.

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