Kendox InfoShare
for Microsoft Power Automate

Konnektor for Microsoft Power Automate

Want to simplify routine tasks within your business?
Microsoft Power Automate lets businesses significantly increase their productivity. Together with the Microsoft-certified Kendox Power Platform Connector, you can now automate routine tasks like processing and saving documents. Create efficient workflows for document-based tasks with just a few clicks.

Work more efficiently with documents

With the connector for Microsoft Power Automate, documents can be automatically created and edited. Even search queries can be automated, letting the right information find its way to you and saving you the effort of searching the archive manually.

Low-code configuration

Quickly and easily set up intelligent document processes with just a few clicks of the mouse. This certified connector simplifies the automation of document-based processes, without the need for extensive programming and long project setup times.

Intelligent process management

The connector lets you automatically trigger and control document processes in Kendox InfoShare. For example, an incoming email with an attached invoice can automatically trigger an approval process. This reduces manual work right from the start, letting your employees concentrate on what really matters.

Your documents – available anywhere

Guarantee the flexibility of working anywhere, at any time. Get to the documents and information you need at any time from your home, office, or anywhere else.

Stream free demos

Get an overview of our Kendox InfoShare Power 365 strategy. Stream our latest demos on our Microsoft solutions portfolio for free, at any time.

  • Optimised integration with Microsoft Power Automate flows

  • Display documents from Kendox InfoShare in Teams or SharePoint

  • Easy document search, update, and revision-safe archiving

More information

With Microsoft Power Automate, Kendox InfoShare can do more than just integrate with other Microsoft products. It can connect to a range of applications and services […]

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