Kendox InfoShare
Digital document capture and analysis

Capture documents in full and enrich them using AI

The digital life cycle of a document starts when it’s captured. Intelligent, automatic analysis increases the efficiency of the entire capture process.

Scan and import documents

InfoShare SCAN is our convenient solution for automatically and quickly capturing paper-based documents, separating them into individual files if needed, classifying them, automatically or manually indexing them, and adding them to any archive system. Captured documents can also be handed over to workflow or process management systems.

Smart document analysis

This is an extension module for InfoShare SCAN which can automatically extract things like header data from forms. InfoShare SCAN FormsLight supports predefined forms, named recognition elements (e.g. UID, IBAN, ESR data lines) and more.

Automatic document processing

InfoShare COLD lets you process documents (including batches of documents like spool files/printer outputs) in many different ways. Batches and documents can be separated, classified, indexed and converted into archive formats like PDF.

Optimise batch processes

InfoShare BATCH enables automated batch-based mass importing of documents to a revision-safe storage system. You can define a range of processing steps for document batches, applying various functionalities.


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Our Kendox InfoShare platform

With our Kendox InfoShare platform, you can optimise the way you manage your digital documents, information, records and processes. Our platform helps you to consolidate all information and documents relevant to your business in a single, central location.

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