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Digital procurement

Streamline processes and improve decision-making

With a digital procurement solution based on Kendox Purchase-to-Pay (P2P), you can take a holistic, structured approach to the entire process, from approving purchase orders to triggering payments. This makes the entire procurement process more transparent, makes orders easier to monitor, and makes invoices much quicker to approve.

Order request

Employees assess the current need and a previously established authorisation matrix is used to ensure that the order has been approved by the relevant authorised parties before it is actually issued.

Supplier selection

Integrated supplier selection can either be done by the requester themselves during purchase requisition or by the purchasing department. The purchasing department also has the option of overruling the requester’s selection.

Order issue

Once an order is issued, data is made available for receipt of services and processing the associated invoice. Naturally, the quotes you receive can be incorporated into the process and viewed at any time.

Services received

Next, the requester confirms receipt of goods when they arrive. Receipt of services is a condition for processing and approving the associated invoice.

Process incoming invoices

If the invoice shows any discrepancies with the order or confirmation of receipt, manual multi-tier approval may be requested. If not, the invoice can proceed directly to automatic processing.

Legally compliant archiving

All documents involved in the digital procurement process are managed efficiently using the Kendox InfoShare platform. This ensures that documents can be accessed at any point in the process and that they are archived in compliance with legal requirements.

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Long-term partnership

The Premium Purchase-to-Pay solution is based on the proven process platform from Axon Ivy, a long-term partner known for its expertise in process automation. In this way, the advanced, globally deployable standard technology of Axon Ivy is combined with the outstanding functionality and flexibility of Kendox P2P. Customers benefit because the solution is adapted to their processes while maintaining the advantages of high standardization.

Process Automation: Beyond low-code

Make a difference now

If your current procurement system is complex and unwieldy, now is the time to optimise it with the Kendox Purchase-to-Pay solution.

  • Increase efficiency via process automation and continuity

  • Module for the purchase requisition process

  • Integrates with a wide range of accounting and ERP systems

  • Designed to run in the cloud

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Speed up processes and increase the quality of decisions – Kendox Purchase-to-Pay for the digital procurement process enables comprehensive and structured mapping from the approval of the purchase requisition (BANF) to the initiation of payment […]

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