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Documents and binders in themselves are rarely a standalone solution for a commercial application. In many cases, however, they are a core component of a more comprehensive solution that enables a business to optimise its processes. A wide range of solutions and integrations based on Kendox InfoShare are already available and have been successfully implemented in a wide range of organisations.
The Kendox InfoShare API addresses approximately 400 system functions using REST/JSON technology. It was designed for use online and with mobile technology, and can be implemented anywhere in the world. The Microsoft 365 Power Platform Connector for Microsoft 365 enables the seamless integration of Kendox InfoShare into Microsoft 365 Power Automate flows.
Digital working with Kendox InfoShare

Kendox InfoShare

With our Kendox InfoShare platform, you can optimise the way you manage digital documents, information, records and processes. All information and documents relevant to your business can be consolidated in a single location.



Our document management solution lobodms allows you to manage and process digital documents in all kinds of ways. Integration with Windows Explorer makes it easier to use, embedding itself seamlessly into day-to-day workflows.

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365

By integrating Microsoft 365 with Kendox InfoShare, you can enhance your Microsoft environment with smart, powerful ECM functionality. For example, this allows your employees to access documents in Kendox InfoShare within the Microsoft Teams interface.

ERP/PPS/bookkeeping/CRM integrations

HR/HCM integrations

IBM i (AS/400) solutions

At Kendox, we have many years of experience with the IBM i (AS/400) system. One of the leading document archiving systems for AS/400 was developed in the 1990s (and successfully supported for many years) by a team that would later go on to found Kendox AG. This means that Kendox has extensive know-how and expertise in supporting document archiving applications for the IBM i system.

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