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Digital Binders

Digital binders that meet your needs

In the age of digitisation, traditional filing cabinets should be a thing of the past. With digital binders based on Kendox InfoShare, your business processes are optimised, and you can easily and efficiently maintain an overview of complex document structures.

Specific digital binder types

Digital secure files

Personalised digital binders

Digital binders link together all relevant information and documents in their proper context, and store them in a central location.

Digital curriculum vitae

Digital personnel binders

All documents and information related to a person’s employment can be stored in a single digital personnel binder.

Digital conclusion of contract

Digital contract binders

Digital contract binders give you the information and control you need for each phase of the contract life cycle.

customers first

Digital customer and supplier binders

With digital customer and supplier binders, you have a permanent overview of all documents arising from your collaboration with customers and suppliers.

Everything digital for the delivery

Digital transportation binders

Digital transportation binders are used to consolidate documents, information and processes relating to logistics, like customs receipts and storage occupancy, and organise them in a logical fashion.

Digital files for the fleet

Digital fleet binders

Digital fleet binders guarantee centralised digital management of all information relating to your business’ vehicle fleet.

Free up space in your office

By using digital binders, your work becomes faster, easier and – most importantly – more secure. Take advantage of the benefits of digitisation today. We’ll be happy to help!

  • Work anywhere, 100% digital

  • Automatic storage in a digital archive

  • Personalisable binder plans

  • Faster access to processes and transactions

  • Seamless integration with specialist applications

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