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Structured digital document management

Do you want to manage your documents digitally and in compliance with the law?

By implementing a digital document management system, you can streamline, simplify and optimise the way you manage documents and information within your business. Take advantage of our solutions based on Kendox InfoShare, both in the cloud and on-premises.

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InfoShare standard solutions – an overview

Digital secure files

digital binders

Each digital binder based on Kendox InfoShare brings together all relevant information and documents in the proper context. Central storage makes finding a given file much easier.

checking the digital documents

Intelligent document capture

The digital life cycle of a document starts with its capture by the document management system. Kendox InfoShare includes a number of capture modules to cover a range of contexts.

Digital networking space

Digital procurement

Kendox InfoShare can be used to holistically structure the entire procurement process, starting with approval of a purchase order and ending with final payment of the associated invoice.

Digital document review

The digital document review process based on Kendox Mail-to-Process (M2P) enables structured mapping of the entire process, from document archiving to processing and approval.

Digital invoice processing

Rules-based, process-supported invoice processing based on Kendox InfoShare helps ensure high levels of transparency and significantly better access to information, including legal compliance thanks to revision-safe archiving.

cloud working together

Power automation

Automating repetitive office and administrative tasks can significantly increase your business’ overall productivity levels. Kendox InfoShare includes ad-hoc automation functions and works seamlessly with Microsoft Power Automate.

Digital signatures

Digital signature processes often originate within a document management system, where documents that need signing are typically located at that stage in a workflow. Kendox InfoShare therefore works with digital signature solutions like axelity, skribble and others.

Have your database in the cloud

Legally compliant archiving

Archiving documents with Kendox InfoShare enables legally compliant retention and long-term storage of documents. This is the only way to ensure legally compliant document storage.

ISO certification

Document connectivity

Implementing and providing ongoing support for a quality management system in a spirit of continuous improvement, in line with DIN EN ISO 9001-2008 and ISO 9001:2015, requires extensive quality management documentation.

Cloud services for success

Cloud application integrations

Kendox InfoShare lets you access any document from whichever specialist application you use, enabling business processes that are as efficient as possible. Thanks to the InfoShare API, integration – whether in the cloud or on-premises – is simple, universal and cost-effective.

Leverage the benefits of a DMS

Our Kendox InfoShare platform helps you to consolidate all information and documents relevant to your business in a single, central location.

  • Capture

  • Manage

  • Automate

  • Archive

  • Integrate

  • Access

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