Less paper, more cloud!
Step forwards into the digital world.

Improve productivity and efficiency rates in your business. Let digital documents and automated processes make your office truly paperless.

  • Business-wide process digitisation and optimisation

  • Automation makes your work faster and more efficient

  • Access all your information any time, anywhere

100% digital offices and administration!

We’ll help your business digitise its document-based processes.
Our solutions, based on Kendox InfoShare, are efficient, flexible and secure.

Step forwards into the digital world

Cloud services for success

Cloud services

Our standardised and customisable cloud solutions integrate beautifully into leading digital platforms and commercial ecosystems. They enable transparent, legally compliant storage and management for business-relevant data with all market-leading cloud-based ERP and CRM systems.

Digital and improved documents

Document management

Ready to put an end to overflowing desks and filing cabinets? What you need is a document management system. Our DMS, Kendox InfoShare, will free up space in your business and replace chaos with order.

Your technically support

Process automation

Complex business processes? Scattered across multiple media formats? Try using technology to automate your processes and harmonise your media types. Make the most of seamless integration for Kendox InfoShare with third-party systems like Microsoft 365.

Why we’ll impress you!

There has never been a better time than now to start digitising your business. Your competition knows it, too. Leverage the benefits of digitisation now.

  • More transparency

  • Effective internal and external collaboration

  • Harmonised workflows

  • Less physical storage space, lower costs

  • Flexibility

  • Legally compliant archiving

A key digital transformation project

“Our key criteria for choosing Kendox were flexibility, a fast implementation phase, and a history of successful collaboration. We value our long-term partner’s knowledge of processes and the way they organise their projects.”

The right solution

“We are very satisfied. Experience, quick communication and goal-oriented thinking convinced us of the value of working with Kendox.”

The huge benefits of digital workflows

“There were already mature interfaces between Kendox InfoShare and our existing accounting software, which was another important criterion for us in choosing this solution.”

Josef Wageneder, Mairinger Holding GmbH


We are the experts in digital document management and process automation for offices and administrative bureaus. With years of experience providing solutions using our own in-house technology, we work in particular with customers in industry and manufacturing, trade and e-commerce, services, and logistics as well as with public institutions, schools and universities.

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Quality management standard ISO 9001

The ISO 9001 standard for quality management is the most widespread quality management standard on both a national and international level. By adopting our quality management system, we have been able to improve the transparency of our business processes, permanently increase customer satisfaction, and reduce our error rates and associated costs – and do much more besides. We are very proud of having received ISO 9001 certification as a result. All certificates and relevant documents can be found in our download centre.

ISO 9001 TÜV certificate

ISO/IEC 27001 for information security

Our information security management system (ISMS) is certified under ISO/IEC 27001. We strongly believe in the security of information, data and systems. This certification is our proof to you that we take information security seriously and are highly conscious of cyber vulnerabilities. We are very proud of having received ISO 27001 certification. All certificates and relevant documents can be found in our download centre.

ISO 27001 certificate
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