Kendox InfoShare
Document connectivity

Manage and organise all quality management documents in a central location

Implementing and providing ongoing support for a quality management system in a spirit of continuous improvement, in line with DIN EN ISO 9001-2008 and ISO 9001:2015, requires extensive quality management (QM) documentation.

Document connectivity and approval processes

Documents requiring interconnectivity are systematically captured and classified according to their current status. Additional approval and release processes can be implemented at a range of levels to meet your individual needs. This enables even very complex systems of permissions and access rights for QM documentation.

Digital quality management application (QDMS)

QM documents are managed using a specific InfoShare module (QDMS). The different document types, such as document templates, the actual standard documents of the ISO 9001 standard, general verifications, quality deviation reports (QAB), as well as read releases and training procedures are configured. Adjustments can be made during project implementation to meet each customer’s individual needs.

Standardised processes

You can optionally add digital control processes within Kendox InfoShare QDMS. These can control how QM documents are created, validated, approved, published and more. QM-supported processes also help with live business operations: Standard processes, like onboarding new employees, can be seamlessly integrated into the QM system.

Integrative approach

Document management, specific configuration for document control and an integrated process manager form the basis for Kendox InfoShare QDMS. Based on the pre-configured templates and sample examples for documents and processes, simple and orderly management of QM documentation can be introduced quickly and cost-effectively. Thanks to Kendox InfoShare’s modular structure and customisability, it can be expanded and adapted on an individual basis at any time.

Kendox InfoShare digital quality management application (QDMS)

Kendox InfoShare allows you to store and manage all types of documents in a central location. This makes all types of documents, document-based processes, digital process folders and digital binders available at a glance in a central location.

For quality management projects, Kendox InfoShare QDMS can bring together and manage all kinds of quality-related documents (e.g. process descriptions, work instructions, forms),

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