Our customers

Each of our customers is unique, as are their demands, but they all have one thing in common: they are always our primary concern. Take a look for yourself at our customers and the solutions we've realised for them, and you'll soon notice that our technology - combined with our extensive DMS/ECM experience and the broad range of solutions offered by our partners - could help you, too, to achieve fast, long-lasting results.

Selected customer projects

Victorinox AG, Ibach-Schwyz (CH)

Victorinox is best known worldwide as the manufacturer of the famous Swiss Army Knife. The Victorinox Group employs around 2,000 people worldwide. The core of this project is the implementation of a DMS/archiving platform as part of the ECM strategy (enterprise content management) based on Kendox InfoShare, including an interface with the company's specialist ERP application. Additional sub-projects for the extended use of the InfoShare solution are planned.

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Logo Quehenberger
Augustin Quehenberger Group GmbH, Straßwalchen (A)

The Quehenberger Logistics group is a full-service logistics provider offering holistic solutions for the industrial and retail sectors, focussed in particular on central and eastern Europe. It currently has around 3,000 employees across 80 offices in 18 countries. A customer of many years, Quehenberger Logistics uses the DMS/ECM platform Kendox InfoShare for a wide range of different purposes. As well as shipping binders, incoming and outgoing document archiving, contract binders and a range of bespoke integrations (including a track-and-trace solution for end customers, among other things), Kendox InfoShare is also used as part of a digital procurement process. Here, Kendox Purchase-to-Pay functions as an end-to-end solution, processing everything from purchase requisitions and ordering to receipt of services and invoice validation before handing over data to a downstream industry-specific solution or a central SAP system.

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ChildFund Deutschland e.V., Nürtingen (D)
ChildFund Deutschland e.V., Nürtingen (D)

For over 40 years, the children’s aid agency ChildFund Deutschland has been helping disadvantaged children and their families, as well as those in urgent need, helping to improve their life chances. Its projects cover fields such as nutrition, education, health, livelihood security, supporting women and girls, and child protection. It also provides aid in crisis situations. In order to simplify how aid is processed, ChildFund has digitised and optimised its document management processes at its German head office. So far, the agency has digitised around 10,000 sponsor binders and made them accessible via a central cloud archive. Authorised staff can use a mobile web client to access the binders anywhere, on any device.

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Logo Glatz
Glatz GmbH, Vienna (A) and international subsidiaries

Glatz GmbH, a traditional Austrian company founded in 1892, is an international retail expert in groceries, agricultural commodities and logistics, with a stable network of suppliers based all around the world. Glatz GmbH uses Kendox InfoShare both as a general digital company archive for ERP and personnel documents as well as for a digital approval process for incoming invoices. Documents created within the ERP system are keyworded, archived and consolidated into a purchases or sales contract binder, all fully automatically. Incoming invoices are first assigned a barcode, then digitised, after which each item on the invoice is automatically compared against the company’s records of orders and received goods. The invoice then goes through a tiered approval process. Forms or other documents submitted by employees (requests for holidays, claims for comp time, timesheets, etc.) are processed within a predefined workflow and automatically saved to the employee in question’s personal binder.

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Logo Börse Stuttgart
Börse Stuttgart, Stuttgart (D)

Börse Stuttgart is Germany's stock exchange for private investors and the leading floor-trading venue in Germany. Stuttgart is the market leader in Germany for corporate bond trading and in the whole of Europe for securitised derivatives. With a trading volume of approximately 69 billion euros across all investment classes in 2019, Börse Stuttgart is the tenth largest stock exchange in Europe. Börse Stuttgart uses SAP Business ByDesign to process all incoming invoices as well as to generate and post all outgoing invoices. The exchange also uses Kendox InfoShare for legally compliant archiving of both incoming and outgoing documents. For those coming in – whether by post or email – the software also preprocesses these files, automatically extracting both header and position data which it then hands over to SAP Business ByDesign for further processing.

Stiftung Schulungs- und Wohnheime Rossfeld, Bern (CH)
Stiftung Schulungs- und Wohnheime Rossfeld, Bern (CH)

The Stiftung Schulungs- und Wohnheime Rossfeld, a foundation providing educational centres and living spaces, was founded in 1960 as a service provider and competence centre for physically disabled people, whom it helps to personally and professionally integrate themselves. Its employees support the interests of the children, young people and adults who live, learn and work there. To make it easier to find employee information and improve its availability, the foundation adopted a digital personnel binder. Thanks to Kendox InfoShare digital personnel binders, over 700 binders relating to current and former employees have already been digitised and appended with relevant search terms.

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Logo chicco di caffè
chicco di caffè, Munich (D)

chicco di caffè Gesellschaft für Kaffeedienstleistungen mbH, based in Munich, is a leading provider of speciality communal-catering coffee bars for large companies, clinics and universities. Founded in 2003, the company currently employs around 600 people.
chicco di caffè has digitised and automated its invoices received process. After each invoice is approved, the document and its associated data are handed over automatically to the DATEV accounting software, where they are posted. The company is already planning to futher expand its use of Kendox InfoShare, including implementing an approval process for investment requests and purchase requisitions as well as a business-wide contract management system which will incorporate all 170 of the company's sites across Germany.

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Wenger Fenster AG, Wimmis (CH)
Wenger Fenster AG, Wimmis (CH)

Founded in 1932 as a one-man operation, today Wenger Fenster AG is one of the most important and capable window construction companies in all of Switzerland. Wenger Fenster currently employs around 120 people and produces high-quality windows and glazing which are often used for sustainable housing. In order to achieve a higher level of transparency when processing incoming invoices while also reducing the time required to validate and approve incoming files, Wenger Fenster introduced a digital workflow for incoming invoices based on Kendox InfoShare which now processes over 5,000 invoices every year.

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Logo russmedia
russmedia Verlag GmbH, Schwarzach (A) and international locations

russmedia is an international media company with over 100 years of history. Today, over 1,000 employees work for russmedia at 14 sites across Europe, producing quality products for a wide range of target audiences. Thanks to this breadth of scope, russmedia has enormous reach: around 94% of all inhabitants of the western Austrian state of Vorarlberg get their news from russmedia every day – either online or via classical formats like the Vorarlberger Nachrichten, the most-read daily paper in Vorarlberg. russmedia IT GmbH is a subsidiary of the russmedia group; as a regional telecoms and ISP service with its own data centre, it currently serves around 48,000 households with Internet access. russmedia uses "Kendox InfoShare" integrated with SAP FI/CO to process digital invoices received and archive them in compliance with legal requirements. In its invoice workflow in particular, the company therefore achieves a high level of automation and significantly improved processing quality.


The live-marketing business BERNEXPO GROUPE has around 140 employees hosting over 30 self-operated and third-party trade shows every year, as well as over 200 conferences, specialist occasions and events of all sizes. With eight halls across two complexes, around 40,000 square metres of event space and 100,000 square metres of outdoor space, the BERNEXPO is one of the largest trade show venues in Switzerland. The business processes approximately 6,500 incoming invoices every year. Its entire processing chain has been digitised using a complex competence-based ruleset, massively reducing throughput times and enabling fast, transparent access to invoices even for employees outside the accounting department. As well as processing invoices received, the company is already planning to digitise its entire purchase requisition process and to implement "customer dossiers" based on a "digital binder" concept.

AVUS worldwide claims service GmbH & Co. KG, Graz (A) and international locations

The insurance provider AVUS worldwide claims service is an international claims adjuster active across Europe and the Mediterranean countries. Founded in 1960 in Graz, Austria, today the company has over 300 employees processing approximately 70,000 claims every year for 800 customers across 120 countries.
AVUS has Kendox InfoShare at the core of its business, managing all claims documentation such as photos and emails, as well as other documents and attachments, in a central claims binder. The company's archive currently holds around 7 million documents, available to the claims adjusters in the context of each case at the touch of a button.

NORIS Group GmbH, Nuremberg (D)

Since 1925, the NORIS Group GmbH, headquartered in Nuremberg and with branches worldwide, is one of the leading specialists in the fields of instrumentation and automation for the shipbuilding industry, transport technology, machinery and plant engineering. The privately-owned family business develops, produces and sells customised products and solutions both as one-off items and in series for rail and special-purpose vehicles – everything from a single source and everything made in Germany. "Kendox InfoShare" is closely integrated with the ERP application at NORIS as a central DMS solution. Data is extracted from the ERP solution, partially modified and then archived together with the PDF document. By "early scanning" of incoming documents, NORIS ensures that documents are available as early as possible in the DMS, thus ensuring orderly processing of the process. In addition, flexible search options (including a consistent full-text search) and the integration of external data sources into the search and storage processes ensure maximum quality of information. NORIS also uses "Kendox InfoShare" for archiving emails and as a platform for the "Digital Supplier File" in addition to archiving ERP documents.

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Sport Thieme, Grasleben (D)
Sport Thieme, Grasleben (D)

This family company, now in its third generation of management, has grown over the last seven decades from a small family operation in Lower Saxony to a global enterprise with over 380 employees. Sport Thieme is Germany’s largest mail-order retailer for institutional sport, offering over 16,500 products for school sports, association sports, fitness and therapy. Sport Thieme uses Kendox InfoShare in the cloud, integrating this ECM solution with its on-premises ERP solution, Microsoft Dynamics NAV. After first dismantling its old archive and migrating its data to the cloud, now both outgoing and incoming ERP documents are archived to the Kendox Cloud Service, where they can be accessed from within the ERP solution at any time. An interface with the cloud-based CRM solution Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE is currently being implemented. The next phase of the project is planned to involve digitally processing invoices received – once again in the cloud.

Case study

Mairinger Holding GmbH, Ried im Innkreis (A)

Mairinger Holding is a large and long-established innovator in the Austrian fashion industry divided into two subsidiary companies. While M&M Retail GmbH focuses on retail outlets, with a total of 13 Marc O’Polo branches as well as two multi-brand stores in Ried and Vienna, Mairinger GmbH is responsible for the wholesale side of the business. Mairinger Holding uses an invoice approval process based on Kendox InfoShare, in which invoices coming from a central mailbox or other source are transferred directly over to the approval process. After the data is extracted from the document, the actual approval process begins, during which invoices can even be approved on mobile devices. The posting data is then automatically handed over to the downstream FA system where the actual payment is triggered. A number of other applications are already planned: integration with card readers for cashless payment systems (“terminals”) and integration with the company’s existing CRM application.

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Logo Rhomberg
Rhomberg Group, Rhomberg Bau GmbH, Bregenz (A)

As a financially independent company and a part of the international Rhomberg Group, Rhomberg Bau provides a complete range of support for its customers, offering solutions and services for all phases of public and private buildings’ life cycles. The Rhomberg Group, a family company founded in 1886, specialises in rail, construction and resources and employs approximately 2,800 people worldwide. Rhomberg is introducing an IBM System i (AS/400)-based solution for the construction industry which will initially digitise and automate its invoice processing workflow. Incoming invoices will first either be scanned or received via email to a central mailbox. After the document data is automatically extracted, with both header and line item data read and validated within each invoice, documents will be forwarded to the relevant construction manager or commercial clerk for approval and accounting. After the invoice is approved and the accounting department completes its final checks, the data will be handed over to a specialist industrial solution for final booking and payment.

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MAY+SPIES, Düren (D)

MAY+SPIES has built up a strong reputation as a versatile paper processing enterprise and outstanding supplier of contemporary and specialized paper products. Founded in 1920, the traditional family business has developed into a modern group of companies that operates in all relevant markets worldwide and is committed to innovative products of consistently high quality. MAY+SPIES uses Kendox InfoShare as a DMS / archive solution that is seamlessly integrated with both the ERP application and the financial accounting. Both solutions are based on AS/400 (System i). All inbound and outbound documents are archived and available through a graphical user interface. In addition, invoice receipt processing takes place: invoices with order reference are automatically checked in ERP and then transferred to accounting; invoices without a purchase order reference are checked, assigned and released as part of an invoice approval process and then also passed on to the posting.

Logo Vöhringer
Vöhringer GmbH & Co. KG, Trochtelfingen (D)

Vöhringer, an internationally oriented family company with over 300 employees, specialises primarily in lightweight products for the caravan and mobile home industry. As well as archiving outgoing documents such as invoices and delivery notes, Vöhringer operates an approval process for incoming invoices which is integrated with its in-house industry solution "VOS" and its accounting system. Both solutions are based on AS/400. The company also has other structured processes such as order confirmations, general customer enquiries, and complaints, and it maintains a digital personnel dossier which is both integrated with the payroll system (also based on AS/400) and available to employees as a "self-service" solution for accessing personal documents such as pay slips or tax information.

Logo Thalhofer
Thalhofer Holzzentren GmbH & Co. KG, Deisenhausen (D)

Founded in 1928, today's Thalhofer Group is a family business with 13 offices and approximately 450 employees across southern Germany. This wood wholesaler procures wood products from around the world and acts as a leading retail and support partner for the most important producers and brands in the industry. As well as operating an invoice approval process including OCR document recognition, in which incoming invoices are either captured by scanning them or extracted from emails, Thalhofer archives outgoing documents created by its centralised industry-specific solution, including order confirmations, invoices, picking slips and delivery notes. An application integration solution allows users to access archived documents and records in Kendox InfoShare directly from the masks in the company's AS/400 application.

Logo olsberg
Olsberg GmbH, Olsberg (D)

With a history stretching back for well over 430 years, Olsberg is one of the oldest family businesses in Germany. A provider of wood-burning and pellet stoves, the company has developed over the years into a provider of specialist, customer-specific system solutions. Olsberg's foundries offer mass-produced and hand-made components made of grey cast iron and spheroidal graphite iron. Olsberg operates a traditional process for incoming invoices. Provided that they reach the company in paper form, incoming invoices are scanned and handed over to the approval process. Invoices arriving via email are first archives and then handed over to the same process. The invoice-payment process itself distinguishes between invoices with and without order references and is also integrated with both the company's accounting system and its ERP system (both AS/400).

SOVEREIGN Speed GmbH, Hamburg (D)

SOVEREIGN Speed GmbH was founded in 1998 as a neutral, independent express courier with its head office in Hamburg. From a single line-haul line from Hamburg to Brussels, SOVEREIGN soon developed into the premium supplier of urgent freight in Europe. With over 100 overnight connections and a diverse range of express handling services for time-sensitive freight, nowadays the SOVEREIGN Group is one of the key players in this segment. In addition to filing customs documents, “pre-alerts” and other types of documents, SOVEREIGN Speed GmbH​​ uses an approval process to automatically record, approve and account incoming invoices and then transfer them to the accounting application. In addition, users can access invoice documents from within the accounting application and manually add additional documents to the individual postings.

Logo vbw
Vereinigte Bühnen Wien, Vienna (A)

Vereinigte Bühnen Wien GmbH is a global actor and an attractive cultural source for a music-loving audience. Particularly over the last few years, VBW's celebrated productions have drawn attention well beyond the borders of Austria as a result. After replacing its old AS/400-based archive in 2015, the company now uses "Kendox InfoShare" to digitise incoming invoices and as a central document archive for the order and invoice approval process.

Logo PEZ
PEZ International GmbH, Traun bei Linz (A)

PEZ, based in Traun bei Linz, Austria, employs approximately 730 people across multiple sites worldwide. Every year, the company produces around 70 million dispensers and 5 billion PEZ candies which are now available in 80 countries around the world. PEZ uses “Kendox InfoShare” as part of its process-driven management of creditor and inter-company invoices. As part of the workflow, all information needed to process an invoice is captured and, once the invoice is approved, the information is handed over to the accounting solution (IGS Software) for further processing. Payment information such as cost centres, approval date, name of the approver, etc., are then shown within an archived document, ensuring high information availability. As well as incoming invoices, outgoing ones created using Infor ERP (AS/400) are archived as spool files within “Kendox InfoShare”. 

Logo Fredy Wiesner
Fredy Wiesner Gastronomie AG, Volketswil (CH)

Since the early 1990s, the family enterprise Fredy Wiesner Gastronomie (FWG), headquartered in Volketswil, Zurich, has shaken up the market with its innovative catering concepts. The company, which is managed by the founding family, currently has more than 500 employees and runs around 25 restaurants in Switzerland offering Asian, Australian and South American event catering. Efficient administration processes are vital for the labour-intensive catering industry. For this reason, the innovative family enterprise has digitalised its formerly paper based personnel dossiers. Thanks to the electronic personnel dossiers and optimised processes, the company now saves a lot of time for HR administration and has significantly improved its data security.

Case Study 

Logo IG Immobilien
IG Immobilien Management GmbH, Vienna (AT)

IG Immobilien is a leading provider in constructing, managing and supporting real estate, managing both in-house and third-party properties. The company is focused on high-grade equipped residential and office properties, inner-city shopping centers, and hotels located in top locations. The majority of these are in Austria, but others are also located in Brussels, Amsterdam and Budapest. With a total lettable surface area of around 220,000 m2 of exclusive parking area, the IG Immobilien group is one of the leading full service providers in the Austrian real estate sector. IG Immobilien uses a “property binder” based on “Kendox InfoShare” to manage its numerous real estate projects. “Kendox InfoShare” is now used as a business-wide document archive, closely interconnected with the leading industry solution for property management as well as the central reporting system, enabling standardised, centrally managed data retention.

Logo lamprecht
Lamprecht Transport AG, Basel (CH)

Since its formation in 1945, this owner-operated company has acted as a service-oriented partner providing a complete range of services for national and international transportation companies – offering bespoke services customised to meet each customer's individual needs. 
A range of different business processes and solutions based on "Kendox InfoShare" were implemented as part of the process of replacing the company's old AS/400-based archive and the approximately 3 million documents it contained. Both vendor invoices and delivery notes are now digitally captured (scanned) and archived at each of Lamprecht's numerous branches; vendor invoices – after being converted from AS/400 spool files to PDF – are given "overlays" as well as being archived within "Kendox InfoShare". Lamprecht's employees can now easily access archived documents using existing applications such as trans-it (ERP) and QlikView (BI). Also based on "Kendox InfoShare" is the contract management system for Lamprecht employees, which includes a reminder function and enables convenient processing of contractual documents.

Case Study

Logo JAF
JAF International Services GmbH, Stockerau (A)

Founded in 1948 at its headquarters in Stockerau, today the JAF Group is the leading wholesaler in central Europe for mechanical wood pulp and derived timber product, with 53 sites across 16 countries. In Austria alone, J.u.A. Frischeis employs 700 people, and the JAF Group employs around 2,200 internationally. In 2011, Kendox InfoShare was used to migrate several million documents from an existing digital archiving system to IBM System i (AS/400). A number of other archiving processes were introduced at the same time, as were digital invoice checking processes. Today, several hundred workstations are connected using InfoShare web applications, particularly in eastern Europe. The demands of this type of international system implementation (such as the need for Cyrillic characters) increased the complexity of this project.

Case Study

Otto Fischer AG, Zurich (CH)

Leading electrotechnical wholesaler Otto Fischer AG currently employs around 300 members of staff, supporting around 3,000 suppliers and 10,000 customers. The company's customer base consists almost exclusively of Swiss-based electrical installation firms, including some industrial companies with their own service and electrical divisions.  In order to guarantee legally compliant archiving and increase internal process efficiency, Otto Fischer AG has implemented a business-wide DMS system integrated with its existing ERP solution, "ERP System i/2" from Polynorm. In doing so the company has been able to optimise its automated invoice processing as well as its purchasing process in particular and its customs management processes. Implementation in a number of other departments is now also planned.

Logo VWP
Verband Werbetechnik+Print, Grabs (CH)

The professional association Verband Werbetechnik+Print (VWP) represents around 280 members, bringing together companies in the industries of advertising technology, screen printing and illuminated advertising in Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein. The "InfoShare Cloud Archive Service" allows VWP to develop streamlined administrative processes, easily and intuitively manage documents in the cloud and simultaneously provide structured, comprehensive access to documents for association members.

KION, Aschaffenburg (D)
The KION Group is the market leader in forklifts and bearing technology in Europe, number two worldwide, and the leading foreign supplier in China. KION has used Kendox InfoShare since 2007. Using the standard scanning module Kendox DESKSCAN, embedded into the SAP GUI, paper-based documents are digitised across over 500 workstations and assigned to the appropriate SAP business objects. Standardised SAP ArchiveLink interfaces are used for storage. 
Logo Uhle
Uhle Gerüstbau, Neckarwestheim (D)
Uhle Gerüstbau is a multiregional scaffolding firm. Uhle Gerüstbau is a family company with over 70 employees across Germany. Uhle uses the SAP cloud ERP software SAP Business ByDesign (ByD) as its enterprise-wide ERP and CRM system, wwith SAP Business ByDesign operated from an SAP data centre. With Kendox InfoShare as a Service integrated with SAP Business ByDesign, incoming documents are digitised and assigned to ByD business objects with the proper relationship. InfoShare as a Service is operated from a data centre in Germany. Thanks to its intelligent data retention and integration, Uhle has access to a highly-functional solution with an excellent throughput rate over the internet. Uhle benefits in particular from low implementation costs and maintenance requirements.
Logo LCA partner
LCA Automation, Küssnacht am Rigi (CH)

LCA Automation AG, an innovative specialist in the field of special purpose machinery manufacture since 1972, serves international customers in the automobile and transport industries as well as the building services and general machinery manufacturing sectors. With over 100 employees, LCA Automation today has offices in Switzerland, China and Mexico. LCA Automation's employees use a project folder based on Kendox InfoShare and integrated with their ERP system (Microsoft Dynamics AX) to document devices produced by the company. Device documentation can therefore be exchanged with the customer in digital format and synchronised whenever any changes are made. Kendox InfoShare is also used as a business-wide archiving and storage system for managing and archiving documents from across all departments in a revision-safe format.

Case Study

SIGNAL AG, Büren an der Aare (CH)

SIGNAL AG, a single-source supplier for companies and private customers in the road and rail transport industries, provides a full range of signalling, marking, information and traffic control systems as well as barrier and access solutions. With over 240 employees, SIGNAL AG ensures safety across all modes of transport in Switzerland. SIGNAL AG uses "Kendox InfoShare" as a part of both its digital approval process for incoming invoices and its general digital archive for ERP documents. Invoices are captured by the ERP system (iFAS V4), assigned a barcode, digitised ("late scanning") and then handed over to the multi-tier approval process. Incoming documents such as incoming invoices and delivery notes, as well as outgoing ERP documents, are archived in a revision-safe format using Kendox InfoShare and a software WORM solution (GRAU DATA FileLock).

Primus Präzisionstechnik, Bückeburg (D)
Primus Präzisionstechnik GmbH & Co. KG specialises in precision drive technology. This contract manufacturer with around 80 employees works closely with customers in industries including medical technology, automotives and consumer electronics. Kendox InfoShare is Primus' central document management and archiving system. Users can easily access DMS functionality during the course of their day-to-day work, thanks to integration with Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The system's functionality is further increased by email archiving and Office integration. Working with Kendox InfoShare for many years, Primus has been able to digitise many critical document-based processes and increase their efficiency.
Logo haya4you
Haya4you, Gossau ZH (CH) and international offices
HAYA specialises in producing organic and conventional foods and flavourings, as well as refining and processing raw seasonings. The construction of a central DMS/ECM platform based on Kendox InfoShare means that the company now has access to DMS and archiving functions, as well as digital binders and transactions to display a range of processes and for use with a number of other systems. The cornerstones of this solution include integration with the ERP application INFOR on IBM i (AS/400), with CRM and FIBU systems, and with email (Groupwise). Using Kendox InfoShare's RIA web client, the entire company has been given simple step-by-step access to a DMS/ECM application.
Logo müllermilch
Theo Müller Group (Müllermilch), Aretsried (D) and international locations
The Theo Müller group manages subsidiaries in the dairy segment with strong brands of their own: Müller, Müller Wiseman, Weihenstephan, Sachsenmilch and Käserei Loose. The companies within the group represent over 20,000 employees and an annual turnover of around 5 billion euros.

The dairy producer Alois Müller & Co. KG, a part of the Theo Müller group, is particularly well-known for its "Müllermilch" brand. In 2012/13, the company's existing archive system was replaced with a new central document archiving system for SAP. Users in a number of countries now work with Kendox's solution. Kendox scanning and computer output processes are also in use across a wide range of divisions and subsidiaries in Germany. Employees from subsidiary companies without direct access to SAP can use Kendox's web applications to directly access documents archived within SAP.

Christian Karl Siebenwurst GmbH & Co. KG, Dietfurt (D)

Christian Karl Siebenwurst GmbH & Co. KG produces pressure die-casting and injection-moulding tools for 3D components made of aluminium and plastic, including complete solutions for specialist processes to manufacture large-scale components. Siebenwurst has used "Kendox InfoShare" in a wide range of departments since 2013. As well as its commercial archive, closely integrated into its ERP system, an order and contract dossier and an HR document archive (integrated into SAGE HR), the company has also implemented an invoice approval process which can process documents either with or without an order reference.

Dettendorfer Wertstoff GmbH & Co. KG, Tattenhausen (D)

Dettendorfer Wertstoff GmbH & Co. KG is a medium-sized waste disposal firm based in Bavaria which has offered intelligent, forward-looking and environmentally friendly solution designs for over 20 years. Dettendorfer Wertstoff uses "Kendox InfoShare" together with an industry-specific solution ("rona:office") to automatically archive documents such as outgoing invoices, delivery notes and weighing slips, then retain transparent access to them. The company has also implemented an invoice approval process which can extract data contained within a document and is integrated with both the industry-specific solution and the accounting solution SAP ECC.

DBZ (GEFAKO), Wendlingen (D)

GEFAKO, based in Wendlingen, is one of the most important specialist drinks wholesale partnerships in southern Germany. GEFAKO is an association of over 130 fully independent partner enterprises. DBZ GmbH, a 100% service subsidiary of GEFAKO, handles central administration (which includes document management) for over 150 accounting partners. By implementing a centralised cloud archiving solution based on Kendox InfoShare, a wide range of document-based processes can now be represented, including storage processes, EDI, document capture/scanning, computer output, secure document retrieval using the GEFAKO B2B platform, and more. Next, business processes were further automated at GEFAKO, DBZ and at individual partial archives for specific partners or billing partners (drinks retailers).

Intersport Österreich, Wels (A)
The retail network INTERSPORT Österreich has over 345 sites in Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary, employing around 3,600 people - 2,900 of them in Austria. The company has over 150 INTERSPORT partners. Intersport Österreich uses SAP, IBM i (AS/400) and Microsoft SharePoint. Kendox InfoShare was chosen as an enterprise-wide integration platform to bring these diverse systems together.
Logo LF Vorarlberg
Landesfeuerwehrverband Vorarlberg, Feldkirch (A)
The state firefighters' association of Vorarlberg, based in Feldkirch, includes 120 local fire brigades and 28 factory fire brigades, with over 7,000 active firefighters. LFV Vorarlberg uses Kendox InfoShare to digitise, store and manage all documents received by email, fax, mail and other means. Documents are also published on LFV Vorarlberg's web portal using Kendox InfoShare's PHP interface. LFV Vorarlberg has used Kendox InfoShare since 2005, since when it has achieved very high digitisation rates.
HAUSER GmbH, Linz (A) and international offices
HAUSER, based in Linz, is a complete provider of refrigeration units and cooling technology. HAUSER employs around 615 people at its headquarters in Linz and at its production plants in Austria and the Czech Republic. Kendox InfoShare is used as HAUSER's central archiving and DMS system to manage all types of business documents. This includes documents produced by the ERP system INFOR AS or digitised by scanners.
Logo BVS
BVS Holding GmbH, Linz (A)
BVS-Holding GmbH is one of Austria's largest fire protection inspection and monitoring companies. As well as performing fire tests on building materials and structural elements, BVS also produces fire protection plans for large facilities, creates incident and risk analyses, and reconstructs how fires develop to determine the causes of fires. Since 2013, when Microsoft Dynamics AX was implemented, Kendox InfoShare has been used as an enterprise-wide DMS application. As well as integrating the solution into MS Dynamics AX, other specific processes have been supported, including digital signatures, document scanning and more.

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