The Kendox Partner Network - Competence and Security

Take advantage of our broad and powerful partner network. Here you will find the right competences to meet your individual requirements. You can count on that.

Naturally, quality comes first for us. In order to guarantee it, we set high standards for the training and continuing professional development of our certified business partners. Which is something you, the customer, benefit from: innnovative, powerful solutions based on technology which is both cutting-edge and future-proof, combined with a vast trove of experience in the DMS/ECM sector.
To help you choose the ideal Kendox partner for you, we have organised our partners under a number of categories. If you require any additional help choosing your future partner, however, then please don't hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to offer you further assistance in making your decision.

Kendox Business Partners (Italy)

Kendox Premium Business Partners and Kendox Business Partners concentrate entirely on projects based on Kendox InfoShare and supplemental third-party products. These businesses will provide competent, comprehensive support to help you tune and implement your DMS/ECM projects for optimal results. Years of experience, constant training and professional development, certified employees and local presence ensure that you'll be left feeling supported and uplifted - whether operating InfoShare as a conventional on-premises installation or as an 'on-tap' service. Individual consulting, tailored to your specific needs; integrating Kendox InfoShare into specific business processes; or helping to optimise implementation - these are just a few examples of the comprehensive consulting and services portfolio provided by Kendox Business Partners.

Florence One S.r.l
Florence One S.r.l
via Umberto Saba 42
IT-51100 Pistoia
T +39 (0573) 1935507

NFO Srl bietet seinen Kunden Beratungsdienstleistungen direkt oder mit seinen Beteiligungsunternehmen Florence One S.r.l und Arianna Fibers S.r.l an. Es ist in der Lage, konkrete und messbare Vorteile zu erzielen, indem menschliche Soft Skills als Methode und Erfahrung mit der Geschwindigkeit und Effizienz der Technologie kombiniert werden.

NFO Srl offers consulting services to its clients, directly or with its investee companies Florence One S.r.l and Arianna Fibers Srl. It is capable of producing concrete and measurable advantages, by combining human soft skills as method and experience, with the speed and efficiency of the technology.

Kendox Consulting Partners (Italy)

Kendox Consulting Partners stand out from the crowd with a high degree of specialist knowledge or a decisive market presence in specific industries, application systems or solution types. Depending on each customer's specific requirements, customer projects are carried out together with Kendox or with a Kendox Business Partner. The Kendox Consulting Partner won't just help you find the best solution; above all else, they'll also help you optimise the way your business uses the technology.

Kendox SaaS Partners (Italy)

Kendox SaaS Partners provide outstanding know-how for both InfoShare and the infrastructures required to easily operate document processes and archiving services from the cloud. Certified data centres designed for regional, national or international use form the basis for secure, legally-compliant cloud services which store and manage your business documents in line with accredited processes.