Successful together in digital business – a review of the Kendox Partner Meeting

Data extraction, AI integration and multi-cloud: these topics were the focus of the Q2 2023 Kendox Partner Meeting.
working together

We are pleased to review our last Online Partner Meeting, which took place in June. We have once again made every effort to present the latest developments to our partners and provide exciting insights into the world of data extraction. The combination of Microsoft tools and the integration of ChatGPT into our platform creates new, fascinating possibilities. As always, the event concluded with the presentation of the new features of Kendox InfoShare Version 5.0.

A central focus of the meeting was on solving challenges in the area of analyzing unstructured documents that were previously considered technically unsolvable and the targeted data extraction that this makes possible. We have worked intensively with our partner to find new ways of solving specific problems for our customers and efficiently transforming the results of AI-based applications into integrated solutions.
Of more practical value is the integration of Microsoft Word and Microsoft Forms to simplify the creation of contracts, reports and other documents with Microsoft Power Automate and Kendox InfoShare. These powerful tools offer multiple ways to optimize the document creation process while ensuring seamless integration with our Kendox InfoShare platform.

We also presented the first possibilities for integrating our Kendox InfoShare Cloud solution with ChatGPT, an advanced AI platform that makes it possible to generate content and, for example, automatically create emails and translate them into different languages at the same time. One specific application is to generate summaries of content. The integration of this groundbreaking technology opens up new possibilities for automated workflows and efficient information processing for our customers.

Another important item on the agenda was the update of our Kendox InfoShare platform. With the latest release, Kendox InfoShare Version 5.0, we offer our customers and partners higher security standards, an improved user experience and seamless integration with numerous tools and systems. Kendox InfoShare Version 5.0 is the basis of Kendox Cloud Services for document management and can be used in the same way in the customer’s own IT infrastructure (on-prem).

As always, our short survey provided an up-to-date barometer of sentiment on the topics that most concern our partners in practice. 50 percent see the topic of “multi-cloud as a standard operating model” as an important trend topic. For 16.7 percent each, the switch from on-prem to the cloud, the higher security of cloud solutions compared to in-house installations and the use of digital signatures also play a major role in current projects.
More than two thirds (66%) of participants currently see the greatest need for digitalization in the target markets of services and logistics as well as in public institutions, schools and universities (16.7%). According to two thirds of partners (66.6%), there is a particular need for optimization in workflow automation and process optimization.
The most important goals that companies pursue in the context of digitalization from the perspective of our partners are increased efficiency and cost savings (80%), faster decision-making and better data availability (20%). However, change management and corporate culture (50%), employee training and acceptance (33.3%) and integration with existing systems and infrastructures (16.7%) are still among the biggest challenges in the practical implementation and acceptance of digitalization projects.

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