Digital workflow for complex logistics processes

As part of further digitization, our customer Offergeld has now expanded its existing system with our Kendox InfoShare P2P solution to include digital workflows for processing incoming invoices. The logistics professional thus achieves considerable time and cost savings in processing and also realizes short response times in financial accounting.

Before the introduction of Kendox InfoShare P2P, the processing of invoices and accounting documents was purely paper-based. All incoming invoices and credit notes were released, processed and posted old-school using paper and account assignment documents. The transmission of documents by means of internal transportation or by post from the company locations to the central financial accounting department in Würselen resulted in long document processing times. As part of the digitalization process, the company therefore planned to modernize its processes to make them predominantly paperless.

“The digitalization of incoming invoice processing was an important lever for us. We have maximum transparency from receipt of the invoice through to the final processing step and closing, while complying with all the necessary guidelines. A receipt from Berlin is now processed in Würselen within a few seconds.”


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