Digital Invoice Processing with «InfoShare Invoice Approval»

Many businesses find invoice processing a time-intensive process associated with high costs. Invoices are manually captured and associated with the appropriate orders and/or administrative staff. Invoice approval is often manual and based on a paper copy of the invoice. All of this leads to long process throughput times, high error rates and - especially - unnecessarily high costs.


Save 20 euros and 23 days per invoice

The good news is that a number of studies have shown that digitally processing incoming invoices can save around 20 EUR per invoice compared with manual processing, and reduce the throughput time by an average of 23 days.


Increase efficiency – Reduce costs

Kendox InfoShare Invoice Approval helps businesses to increase their savings and benefit potential. Rule-based, process-driven processing ensures fast throughput times, high transparency and significantly improved access to information, including legal compliance considerations, by enabling revision-safe invoice archiving. Invoices can also be processed from any location without breaking media continuity, meaning that they can also be approved at any time while on the move.

Benefits at a glance

  • Reduced throughput times, make full use of available funds
  • Eliminate transport and waiting periods
  • Reduced error rates thanks to automatic double-checking and transparent processes
  • Account assignment templates for recurring transactions, dual control, freely configurable, multi-step approval processes and:
  • Complete escalation monitoring
  • Reduce transaction costs by up to 75%
  • Improved access to information thanks to transparent processes and transaction-based storage
  • Invoices can also be accessed from outside the finance department
  • Reliable process thanks to rules-based processing and automatic handover to finance department
  • Legal compliance thanks to approval protocols and revision-safe invoice archival
  • Work efficiently anywhere with total media continuity
  • Multilingual options and mobile access for worldwide availability
  • Also supports digital invoicing

InfoShare Invoice Approval enables fast, efficient processes for digitally checking, assigning, approving and booking incoming invoices and similar documents (such as credit notes).

The standard version of InfoShare Invoice Approval is designed to efficiently process header data (supplier and document date recognition). It also includes predefined processes for assigning documents to cost centres and nominal accounts. Once the validation and approval process is complete, a message is generated which can be used to send the accounting data to your downstream accounting or ERP system.

Add-on modules can be used to assign accounts on a business-by-business basis, process single-item data and book payments automatically or before capture using your ERP or Fibu system. Add-ons are also available for visually checking payment runs and for a wide range of specific integration tasks.

Incoming documents are captured in your system using Kendox SCAN (optionally using its form and date recognition module) or received by email, then automatically handed over to the appropriate individual or group mailbox for further processing.

Mailbox and processing functions are fully integrated into the Kendox InfoShare user interface, which means that the system is intuitive and efficient to work with. It allows you to find and view additional documents while verifying invoices, for example, or to add extra accompanying documents to a given transaction.