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Kendox InfoShare Applications

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Kendox InfoShare Invoice Approval

InfoShare Invoice Approval, based on Kendox InfoShare, is an application which allows users to easily and efficiently execute digital validation, account assignment, approval and accounting processes for incoming invoices and other accounting documents such as credit notes and others. This soluton is a fast, straightforward method of implementing predefined validation and approvall processes. These processes can also be individually configured to meet businesses' specific needs.

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Kendox InfoShare Contract File

The InfoShare Contract File, based on Kendox InfoShare, is a solution which allows users to store digital contract documents in a legally-compliant, revision-safe format. It stores all documents within a structured digital binder, allowing authorised employees to access them at any time during processing. The InfoShare Contract File allows a transparent view of all archived contracts, and its additional integrated functionality makes further processing easier than ever.

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Kendox InfoShare Personnel File
The InfoShare Personnel File  is a simple, traceable cost-effective method for storing personnel documents in the form of digital records - either as an in-house solution or a secure cloud-based solution. All types of HR documents are stored in a structured format and available to authorised employees at all times.
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Kendox InfoShare QM dossier

The InfoShare QM dossier (QM for Quality Management) is a solution based on Kendox InfoShare which enables centralised management and organisation of QM-related documents. All documents needed for the quality management process, such as process descriptions, work instructions and forms, as well as quality-control records such as current values and feedback, the quality management manual itself and any other relevant documents can be conveniently managed and included in a carefully controlled processing, versioning and document management system.

IBM i (AS/400) Solutions

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IBM system i (AS/400) competence to get you online!

At Kendox, we have years of experience with the IBM i (AS/400) system. In the 1990s, individuals who would later go on to found Kendox developed one of the leading AS/400 document archiving systems and successfully supported it for many years. As a result, Kendox has extensive knowledge and experience supporting document archiving applications for IBM System i

As well as supporting and maintaining existing IBM i solutions, we have also implemented solutions which integrate IBM i into the Kendox InfoShare document management system, allowing IBM i to seamlessly and transparently access archived documents. These solutions address a wide range of document-based processes, including document management, revision-safe record and document archiving, workflows and even migrating existing AS/400 archive systems.